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Re: update bugs from Jolly Coop

Postby karenswoose » Wed Oct 19, 2016 5:45 pm

This hasn't happened in a long time, but today, Nitra again had the problem with endurance. The player had 315 endurance showing; used to make dark chocolate, and the message said he didn't have enough endurance, and no dark chocolate showed in his inventory, but the ingredients for the chocolate had disappeared. Exiting the candy recipes and then going back made the ingredients reappear. But Nitra had to use a different player to make the candy, even though the first player still showed 315 endurance. After exiting the game and returning, the player's 315 endurance had dropped to 0.

Nitra had just been using his baking workshop for a few things before this. He hadn't done anything unusual. But, he had had a strange error while trying to make rye dough. He made some rye dough, and then switched players. He tried to make more rye dough and nothing happened. The log said "Error. Not same ids...". He then tried again and was able to make it with no problem.
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