welcome in the green and bio public chat

For the public to speak with co-op members.

welcome in the green and bio public chat

Postby Leykha » Wed Sep 01, 2010 9:02 am

Hello FFG players,
i would like to welcome you on our public chat forum. If you would like to talk to us or have some requests (goods, recipes, etc) on us, please write it here.

Updated 5.December 2010

P.S: We are willing to do recipe swaps. Please contact me, if you want to exchange recipes. We have several recipes, listed below:

Feed recipes: 8
Wheat Xtra Feed
Alfalfa Xtra Feed
Oat Xtra Feed
Corn Xtra Feed
Balanced Feed
Enriched Feed
Advanced Feed
Optimum Feed.

Dairy Recipes 22
Brined Cheese
Goat Brined Cheese
Goat Pasta Filata
Hard Goat Cheese
Ewe Pasta Filata
Hard Ewe Cheese
Blue Vein Cheese
Blue Vein Goat Cheese
Semi Hard Ewe Cheese
Semi Soft Cheese
Semi Soft Goat Cheese
Soft Cheese
Soft Ewe Cheese

Soft Ewe Cheese
Sour Cream
Soured Milk
Goat Butter
Goat Yogurt
Soured Goat Milk.
Ewe Creme Fraiche
Ewe Yogurt
Soured Ewe Milk

Meat Recipes: 25 (new)
Smoked Pike
Spiced Chicken Sausage
Spiced Beef Sausage (new)
Smoked Eel
Smoked Perch
Fermented Chevon Sausage
Fermented Beef Sausage
Fermented Horse Meat Sausage
Fermented Pork Sausage
Herbed Chicken Sausage
Smoked Crappie
Aged Smoked Dry Cured Mutton

Herbal Mutton Sausage
Mutton Saucission
Herbal Chevon Sausage
Aged Smoked Dry Cured Beef
Beef Saucisson
Aged Smoked Dry Cured Porc (new)
Porc Saucisson (new)
Brined Eel
Smoked Wet Cured Chicken
Aged Dry Cured Mutton
Aged Dry Cured Beef
Aged Dry Cured Horse Meat (new)

Brined Carp

Mill Recipes: 8
Almond Meal
Chestnut Flour
Chickpea Flour
Potato Flour
Peanut Flour
Rye Flour

Organic Recipes: 8
Very Strong Organic Fungicide
Very Strong Organic Pesticide (currently not trading, it is a recipe from Marolette, ask her for trade)
Advanced Organic Feed
Alfalfa Organic Feed (new)
Basic Crop Protection
Basic Productivity Feed
Basic Fertility Feed
Basic Growth Feed

Oil Recipes: 19
Olive Oil
Almond Oil
Cashew Oil
Hazelnut Oil
Macadamia Oil
Pistachio Oil
Walnut Oil
Apricot Oil
Avocado Oil
Orange Essence
Lemon Essence
Cherry Essence

Mandarine Essence
Peach Essence
Pumpkin Oil
Watermelon Oil
Blueberry essence
Fish Oil
Rice Bran Oil

Bakery Recipes: 36
Christmas Cake
Walnut Cake (new)
Apple Cake (new)
Mandarine Cake (new)
Cherry Danish
Peach Walnut Cake (new)
Blueberry Danish
Cranberry Danish
Strawberry Danish (new)
Sour Cream Cheesecake
Lemon Meringue Pie
Carrot Cake

Cherry Cookie
Cashew Cookie
Pistacjio Cookie (new)
Pumpkin Cheesecake (new)
Apple Bun (new)
Cherry Bun
Pear Bun (new)
Cherry Tart (new)
Apple Tart (new)
Pumpkin Cookie
Raspberry Cookie (new)
Blueberry Tart (new)

Raspberry Bun
Spice Cookie
Butter Biscuit (new)
Apple Turnover
Lamb Turnover
Pumpkin Bread
Sugar Beignet (new)
Viennoise Pastry (new)
Corn Ale Bread (new)
Olive Rye Bread (new)
Walnut Bread

Brewery Recipes: 28
Apple Brandy
Perry Brandy
Advocaat (new)
Bitter Liqueur
Lemon Liqueur
Cherry Liqueur
Mandarine Liqueur
Peach Liqueur
Apricot Liqueur
Apple Beer
Cherry Beer

Lemon Beer
Blueberry Liqueur.
Blackberry Beer
Blueberry Beer
Cranberry Beer
Raspberry Beer
Herbal Beer
Spicy Beer
Barley Lager

Wheat Lager
Oat Lager
Rye Lager
Corn Lager

Winery Recipes 22
Citrus Wine
Rose Wine
Sparkling Wine
Apple Cider
Plum Cider
Balsamic Vinegar

Apricot Country Wine
Peach Country Wine
Pear Country Wine
Plum Country Wine
Cider Vinegar
Blueberry Country Wine
Cranberry Country Wine.
Strawberry Country Wine
Watermelon Country Wine
Carrot Country Wine

Potato Country Wine
Turnip Turner

Kitchen Recipes not updated
Escalopes of Salmon
Goat Leek Quiche
Cherry Horse Meat
Pizza Legumi
Baked Stuffed Pike
Saucy Salmon Loaf
Pike Baked in Cream
Orange Vodka Salmon
Ardennes Trout (new)
Chicken Goulash
Ranch Gumbo

Lamb Soup
Braised Catfish
Apple Lamb Special
Chicken Cacciatorini
Mushroom Pizza
Beef Pasties
Beef and Raisin Roll
Trout Potato Salad
Orange Trout
Chicken in Red Sauce
Chicken Soto

Braised Kid
Berry Salad
Salmon Quiche
Spicy Chevon Meal
Orchard Omelet
Beer Batter Trout
Stir Fried Beef
Goat Stew
Onion Gravy Beef
Spicy Catfish
Beef Mushroom Loaf
Zesty Salmon

Butter Pie
Walnut Trout
Smoked Eel
Trout Broccoli Curry
Herbal Mutton Meal
Herbal Rabbit Meal
Carp Chowder
Cajun Crappie
Braised Lamb Shanks
Egg Mushroom Soup
Braised Beef Radish
Spicy Carrot Soup

Blueberry Jam
Cherry Jam
Cranberry Jam
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