A letter to new players

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A letter to new players

Postby chickenbroth » Mon Nov 11, 2019 2:18 pm

The weather is very unfair to new players. At times it is unplayable. But when you reach the Experienced level you can start fighting back by buying Greenhouses. It does not take very long to reach that level and when you get to Semi-pro and Professional the game becomes very playable. The three most important things to do while you work your way to the higher Levels are to learn how to make money, keep your Missions maxed out to earn Fame, and join an active COOP. I suggest that you read the Player Guides to find the best ways to make money and ideas on how you want to build your Farm.

Fame is the most important thing to your Farm. Without Fame you can not grow your Farm. Do your best to keep your Missions at five, this is easy to do early in the game. Later, when it becomes hard to find doable missions to keep the Mission Board full, I recommend you activate the Mission Extra option with SFP. Also, by joining a COOP, members can help you with your missions.

Happy farming, david
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