Newb Diary

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Newb Diary

Postby Darcoria » Mon Mar 21, 2016 8:46 pm

I joined FFG on the Test server around 90 turns ago, so I'm pretty much still new to the game.
Having looked around on the forum I noticed there are quite some journals from other people that inspire me and I find it really fun to look how other people their farms look like.
The journals, along with the coop that I joined the day I became Amateur have really enchanted the game play for me.

If you're new, I can definitely recommend joining a coop as soon as you can. Not only because they have upgrades that help you, but also because it's much more fun to play with others. When I joined the Snugglemuffins I got some quick cash items that have helped me expand into the direction that I want.
FFG can be a bit slow in the beginning, which I personally don't really mind... Although I lack patience at times.. Ever so often I go and wonder when the next harvest will be ready, or when I can upgrade this.. or that.... Anyway......
With the help of a coop you're able to further much faster than you could on your own. Missions that may seem impossible because they require meats or crops that take forever to grow are much more do-able!

Now you might wonder why I started a diary, I just want to show others what I have so far. Maybe hear tips or suggestions on what to look into. Because FFG is enormous, there are lots of different crops and tons of different recipes, I still feel a bit overwhelmed.

What I have done so far:

Followed the tutorial ofc, after that I bought another chicken and culled it a few turns later. I mostly let them walk outside, really enjoy seeing them walk outside. Wish free-range chickens where actually practical, but then they would never get past 2*...
After I harvested my first cereals I moved up to amateur and immediately went to look for a coop to join. Got some candybars to sell and bought myself a windmill a turn or so later.
Then I think I planted some cereals because I had read somewhere that they where good for a start, to me it was almost a lie. It was almost winter by the time they got around 80% and I had to bulldoze them because there was going to be snow. Then in march I planted some wheat, oats, sunflowers and soybeans. The sunflowers and soybeans where for a mission. In the beginning of summer I harvested them and bought myself a bakery.
Part of the wheat&oats where used to make feed and I baked quite some sunbreads, also a bit of pastries with the eggs and milk that I got from other coop members.
Then about... 20 turns ago? I wanted some larger farm animal, as such, I bought some cows. (and a dairy workshop, although I don't use it that often)

What I currently have:
Right now I have two cows and two calves (2*), once the males grow up I'm going to cull them, I just want some females so that I can make more into the dairy workshop.
For now I just sell the meat, I have been thinking about a meat workshop. Although personally I don't think I have enough animals to regularly make use of it... But that's something for somewhere in the future. A chicken coop with 6 hens and two roosters (2*).
As said before, a dairy workshop, with a nice apple tree next to it. I like apples, so much you can do with them! Not to mention they go great with cheese.
Crops: 2x Wheat, 2x Corn, Oats, Soybean, Alfalfa and Ginger.
The ginger is for a mission and thanks to a coop member I got about 150 5* spices, so I've been eyeing the gingerbread recipe. It would earn me some money and it would work for the bakery accomplishment, so two birds with one stone!

For the baking and milling I have a worker, the watering and other chores (like diary and animals) is mostly done by myself. On the rare chance that there's no work I let her gather, hoping to get some more spices. Mostly Emeralda only had to help on the fields when I've ran out of endurance. I don't really eat anything that often because whenever I realize there's something I want to do, I just leave it for the next turn. Not really sure if that is or isn't fast.. Because it does prevent me from doing stupid things.... like buildozing the cows because I don't want them next to the bakery...

I will try to attach a picture of the farm on the end, although it probably won't be anything to amazing to look at. And as you might have noticed from the crops that I'm growing, I'm preparing to make feed.
Last winter I had actually forgotten to keep any cereals for my animals, as such they had to live on hay for a few weeks, I don't think they liked that as their quality dropped quite a bit. This time I'm going to try and make some. Although I think my silo is going to be too small I have 3.000 max space.. And about half of it is currently in use...

Right now I have around 300 fame, but no experienced accomplishment, so I still need to wait before I can level up, but I'm already looking which ones I want to get.
Accomplishment (pretty much stat dump, so might be a bit boring to see)
Experienced chicken egg (2*)----------- 567/750
Experienced Chicken meat( 2*)--------- 138/250
Experienced Cow milk (2*)-------------- 180/750
Amateur cow meat (1*)------------------ 0/175
Experienced Cereals (2*)---------------- 1044/30000 (After current harvest I would have it)
Beginner bulb/stem (1*)----------------- 0/200 (Complete after Ginger harvest)
Beginner Fruit tree (1*)------------------ 0/200 (Complete if there's no loss)
Experienced Feed making (2*)---------- 0/1500 (This is going to take a long time)
Experienced Dairy products (2*)-------- 213/1500 (slowly, but steadily)
Experienced Baked products(2*)-------- 1079/1500 (With next harvest complete, I think)
Experienced Milled products (2*)------- 775/3000 (This is going to take a long time)

I hope I didn't waste too much time for whoever read this, I just wanted to share what I have with others :oops:
2nd may spring 114.png
Farm on 2nd may, spring 114
2nd may spring 114.png (156.27 KiB) Viewed 11606 times
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Postby Darcoria » Fri Feb 03, 2017 5:05 pm

Soo, I haven't posted in a long (really long) time.
Since the first log some things had happened, some people from the coop I'm in had paused their games and they eventually left.
A few weeks after that came the big update from Mushu and the other people paused their game.
I have to admit the changes where quite daunting and I didn't really feel like playing, so I paused my game, thinking that after a few turns I could just pick up where I had left and it would all be good.
How wrong I was :oops: , now (a good) four months later I've only come back. But I'm glad that I took the break.
Even though I have to look and search to see how it all works again, I'm not too bothered by how it has changed.

Changes since last time I posted
Somehow, before I left I became a veteran. So even though I'm starting 'anew' I have a headstart.
Now if only I could work with it :lol:

Before I had left I had quite some crops growing and the farm was bustling (I attached a picture that I had made back then.) Yet I had decided that I wanted to do more. So I added a few things.
Like an organic workshop since the organic feeds seemed more interesting and due to quite some missions asking for meat products I had build a meat workshop.
Somewhere I had gotten enough money to buy a greenhouse and I used it for cereals.
In front of the bakery and behind the windmill I added a black- and raspberry bush, I had gotten a recipe for raspberry tarts and with a mission I could have gotten the one for blackberries. But then the change came and I completely forgot about the missions.

So now
Right now we're at the beginning of winter (4th week of December 120), so I've been away for 6 ingame years rougly, I feel bad for my chickens and cows....
Most of the things I had, have expired by now. So I'm lucky I had some alfalfa left to make some cheap feed for the animals. They're probably going to be free-range for a while again. I doubt they will complain. :lol:
The COOP has just me as an 'active' member, so there aren't many recipes that I can use. My biggest dilema/problem right now is accepting/finding mission that I can actually do. I had a little bit of luck today and accepted one that calls for leeks, brocolli, mung beans and chress. They all have different temperatures, so I will need to watch out a bit with the sowing, but it should go alright.
Joined a few competitions, a few just so that they would be validated for the people who are in the lead. :D

I fired the last worker that I had hired, I didn't have any work for her and unlike Emeralda she wasn't proficient in any useful subject, nor able to get anything decent while gathering/fishing. So she was costing me more than I could afford right now.
Thanks to the market and the high fertility that autumn had I was able to cull some animals and make some sausages (I had two harvest of garlic that hadn't expired yet.) So I've been earning a little bit of money so that I can get planting and buy more plots when spring comes around. I'm not sure how many I can buy extra, but since I don't think I currently have enough plots for missions, feed and potential money I will try to buy at least four extra. :?
Not sure if it's possible to 'save' butter/pasteurized cream, I know the cream has a longer shelf-life than the butter, but I only get a small amount of milk each turn. Since I don't need the endurance for other things I can look into it now for the next year.

- Buy four plots. (Cost: ~ 40K, maybe a bit less)
- Get two female cows.
- Make some organic fertilizer, pesticides and fungicides.
- Organize the recipes, see which ones are profitable/do-able
- Chop the blackberry bush after a few harvests (Unless I get a recipe that needs it)
- Try to accept missions that require crops before spring.

I think that's all, I will probably post again when it's spring on the server (if I don't forget, like last time) There probably will be a stat-dump included then.
2nd august 114.png
2nd august 114, before the break
2nd august 114.png (170.82 KiB) Viewed 11018 times
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Re: Newb Diary

Postby Darcoria » Sun Feb 05, 2017 10:52 pm

Okay, I lied, here’s a winter update.
I’m really happy that I had those alfala’s, there barely is any feed for sale. Although the animals where quite picky at the beginning…
The feed recipes I have aren’t too amazing, but they should be decent enough to get them to 4* quality, I hope.
Since the animals only have 35-40 quality points I feel as if it would be a waste to make better feed right from the start. In the long run I might think about planting melon and cress. Enriched Organic Feed seems to give Parasite, Cold and Sickness resistant bonus, while the normal Enriched only gives fertility, growth and production. (By organic the production is way higher though). And that are the best feed recipes I have… :cry: I've enabled always outside, so I won't have ice cream instead of milk next turn. But the farm is pretty empty and still right now..
2nd Jan Winter 121.png
2nd Jan Winter 121, current view
2nd Jan Winter 121.png (217.28 KiB) Viewed 11008 times

I found out that I have the recipes for Raspberry tarts and chicken sausage puff and if I can get the milk myself they’re doable. But I can’t make one of my favorite recipes (goat gougeries) anymore.
Right now I'm torn between a freshness upgrade (4k) on the dairy and heating upgrade (2k) on the cows. The latter would cost more in electricity, but if it improves the productivity it could be worth it on the long term.

For coming spring I’m going to try something and if it works some more plots might be pulled into the experiment. The strategy is a bit old, so the weather mechanics can have changed. Not expecting too drastic changes though.
(Triple Cropping Strategy, courtesy of David1354.)
david1354 wrote:Triple Cropping with Winter Vegetables for Beginners,
Group 1: Wheat, Alfalfa, Barley, Oat, Soybean
Group 2: Corn, Rice, Rye, Sunflower
Group 4: Radish, Turnip, Celery, Broccoli, Snow pea, Fava Bean, Chard, Cabbage

Plant Group 1 3rd week of February. Apply 7* Fert+ when growth rate is above 5%. DO NOT fertilize this crop again.
Plant Group 2 same day Group 1 is harvested. Apply 7* Fert+. DO NOT fertilize this crop again.
Plant Group 4 same day Group 2 is harvested. Apply 7* Fert+ when growth rate is above 5%. You MUST fertilize BEFORE the 1st week of December and then again after Dec 1 if your freeze protection will drop below 100% before the 3rd of February.
This is the trick, if the winter is good then you can repeat the same method. If the winter is bad and Group 4 can not be harvested until late April then flip the cereals and plant Group 2 followed by Group 1 followed by Group 4.

I will probably try the resistant cereal crops. I’m not sure if they give a lower yield. (Somehow I can’t see produce and yield anymore :? ) Going to keep track if they need to use less fungi/pesticides on them and how long they take to grow.

That’s all what has happened, apart from the fact that I’m really starting to notice the absence of my COOP mates. They gave me the ability to complete missions that call for things I don’t (yet) have. And the fact that I need to get used to the game again is making my decision making really slow.
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Re: Newb Diary

Postby Darcoria » Sat Feb 11, 2017 5:57 pm

Since the last time I had contact another Coop to see if I could join them. As much as I enjoyed being there, I was really missing interaction with others. So I’m happy to have been accepted.

Have been thinking of buying an oil mill for the organic workshop feeds. Only downside is that most of them require a perm crop. Really regretting planting that blackberry, but it’s almost at 150%.

Thanks to the coop I was able to give the animals better feed, so their quality didn’t get as low as expected.

When the weather seemed to be getting better some broccoli and radish where planted. The next day the temperature was even better so I planted the rest of the mission crops. But since the next day temperatures would be pretty high for spring most of the cereals where also planted.
3rd februari Winter 121.png
3rd februari Winter 121.png (208.26 KiB) Viewed 10999 times

Really like how the farm buildings look here ^^
So right now I’ve planted:
2x Wheat
2x Oat
2x Alfalfa
1x Soybean
1x Corn
1x Leek
1x Radish
1x Mung bean
1x Broccoli
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Re: Newb Diary

Postby Darcoria » Sat Mar 04, 2017 10:29 pm

Apparently they really had to let me know how many different things can attack your crops. :? In the first week of april I got a fungus attack and the next a parasite, on exact the same crops… And a few days alter another fungus attack, luckily someone from the COOP had given some organic sprays, so the damage wasn’t too high.

The cows have been put outside, unlike the chickens they don’t have a productivity bonus, so there’s no harm in letting them stay outside. They’re both at 3* now and they will stay like this for a little while. The feed will last them till the harvest comes in so there’s no need to buy any extra.
Mission crops are halfway now, they’re laying dormant because of the summer heat, but I think that halfway autumn they will be ready.

The day before harvest one of the silo’s was upgraded for size, feshness and endurance. The next day the wheat, alfalfa, soybean, corn and oat was harvested. The silo is bursting right now, but once the feed for the animals is made it should be alright. Almost immediate planted some corn, rye and soybeans back into the ground. The soybean will be a bit of a gamble but it’s just in case I need the extra soybeans for feed.
1nd August 121.png
1nd aug 121
1nd August 121.png (214.69 KiB) Viewed 10962 times

Looks pretty empty no? :lol:
Growing right now:
Appless, blackberry and raspberry.
Mung beans and lentil (Both mission)
Radish, leeks and brocolli (also mission)
Wheat, corn, rye, sunflowers and soybeans. (Feed)
There are some empty plots left, but once temperatures drop I want to plant some crops I haven't tried before.

Well, that's all... Laters~ ;)
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Re: Newb Diary

Postby Darcoria » Tue Apr 18, 2017 7:11 pm

Been a while again, but not an aweful lot had happened. The last planned harvests where too late, by the time they would had been ready winter was there already. So I had to ask help from a COOP mate to make sure I didn’t ran out of feed. Due to the cold a mission also had to be canceled, I doubt that lady will come by for a while.

Anyway! It’s summer again and I’ve been planting the things for enriched and advanced feed. Made a couple of Raspberry and Apple tarts and other try outs with the milk. The amount isn’t that great yet, but another cow was born and this time it wasn’t a bull.
2nd july summer 122.png
2nd July Summer 122
2nd july summer 122.png (168.7 KiB) Viewed 10803 times

Looks better than last time no?
Planted right now:
4x Wheat
2x Alfalfa
2x Oat
2x Soybean
1x Barley
1x Rice
Beetroot and Brocolli for a mission (again)
1x sunflower

And the perrenials:
1x Apple tree
1x Raspberry
1x Blackberry
1x Pumpkin

Last time it didn’t go quite as well as I had hoped. Seeing I had miscounted the feed amounts. So this time I redid them and I should have leftovers. Should… Going to keep my fingers crossed.
Making 450 Enriched Feed and 540 Advanced Feed
Putting an oil mill in.
At end of winter buying some work horses to make watering easier.
Working on the milling, baking and dairy achievements

I think that’s all. Till next time!
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Re: Newb Diary

Postby Darcoria » Thu Sep 14, 2017 7:36 pm

It's been a while again... I should really look at this a tad more often.
But yeah, few things happened since last time. I didn't get everything that I had planned ready, so it's going to be a text update. (Boring, I know)
I've mostly been trying some new recipes out (new for me). Really love the berrycheesecake and italian cheesecake recipes, only problem is that I don't have enough cows for a constant supply of rennet and milk. So I've been thinking of buying the dairy cows, but it would take a while till they're at a good quality to use the milk and I still need to buy the horses that I had said I was going to buy.... :?
Got a few accomplisments and I could move up to semi-pro now, but I don't feel confident enough for that. Especially since I haven't changed anything since becoming veteran. My main source of income is still the bakery which is supported by the dairy and meat workshop ever so often. Apart from that I make oils/essence of leftover berries. It's just a few dollars, but hey, money is money.
Some other recipes I plan on trying:
- Cookie & cake pastry. (Biggest bottleneck is the amount of milk needed for butter.)
- Blackberry cookies
- Carrot cake, maybe lemon cake. (Lemons can be used for quite lot, so I've been thinking about maybe planting a lemon tree)
- Fermented beef sausage (I've been making beef saucissions or wet cured chicken most of the time)
- Advanced growth feed (mostly for my chickens so I can cull them regularly)
- Optimum feed (highest I have made till now is the advanced feed, so this would be a small milestone tbh)

Cereals for optimum feed (2x), plus some 1x extra rye, wheat, soybeans and oats for cereal bread.
Pumpkins, Apple, blackberry and raspberries.
For a mission I have celery planted, but it doesn't really want to grow :lol: Guess it doesn't want to be eaten. And I have snowpea's, chard and garlic for the organic workshop and accomplishments.

Accomplishment I'm working on (pretty much stat dump, so might be a bit boring to see)
Veteran Milled products------------------8210/10000 (So probably next game year finished)
Veteran Baked products -----------------1832/5000 (With cookie&cake pastry it might come along nicely)
Veteran Tuber, bulb,stem ---------------2084/4650 (slow but steady)
Veteran Dairy products ------------------3201/5000 (Slow but steady)
Experienced meats -----------------------259/1500 (sometimes forget I have the workshop)
Experienced cow meat ------------------309/875
Finished: Chicke Egg & meat, Cow milk, Harness, Cereal

So yeah, when I've either bought horses or dairy cows I will try to make a new update. But till that time, I have to decide where I'm going to put them.....
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Re: Newb Diary

Postby Darcoria » Sat Sep 23, 2017 4:29 pm

4th sept autum 125.png
4th sept autum 125.png (140.26 KiB) Viewed 9964 times

What I’ve done
So I’ve bought the farm horses (and the needed watering tool thanks to COOP member), they’ve been put in front of the cows (so that I don’t forget them). Till winter they can enjoy the nice weather and during winter on hopefully on the productivity feed. Earlier I had to hibernate the farm for close to two weeks due to moving and not having internet access, so I was worried I would have no feed. But it seems my worries where for nothing, since my silo is bursting right now. (I’m even using some space on the COOP board so that I don’t need to upgrade/build a new one) I also planted a nut tree, since I want to start on the achievement.
I’ve made some optimum feed!! And put the cows on it, so they could potentially get to 7* now.
Also, even though I said I wasn’t going to, I lvl’ed up to Semi-pro, because I’ve evaluated what I’ve been doing and I feel I’ve improved something.

-Using meatworkshop more, since I forget I have it [s]80[/s] 50% of the time… For the achievement it needs 3 ingredients, which honestly isn’t that difficult. So I’m going to try to make some more Smoked wet cured chicken and Fermented Beef Sausage in it. Just need to make a couple thousand of them, easy!

- The dairy workshop gets along nicely, the veteran achievement requires 3* but only 2 ingredients. So just making butter already counts, but after that it’s going to be though. Most of the higher ones require quite some rennet and I’m always short on it. So I might buy a second animal that gives rennet.

- Bakery requires 4 ingredients and it’s do-able, if everything works with me. The Cereal bread is do-able if you have that plots to plant it. Fruit Tarts & Cheescakes require 4, but a lot of milk. Cookies & Cake require more ingredients (5&6 respectively) but that means they could be excellent for later achievements. I quite like the cookies, I take 2 turns to make a small batch, but they use up the berries that I otherwise had laying around.

- Since quite some of the ingredients I “regularly” grow go well with walnuts and Lemons I’ve decided to grow one of each. They will mostly go into the cakes, but they see like a nice addition.

- Building a kitchen! Mostly for Spinach chicken Wraps, Saltimbocca (might have written that wrong),Potato Quiche, Leek Ham Quiche, Bacon roll (I would need pig meat) and Chicken Pie. The pizza’s all require olives which I don’t see myself growing soon. Most requires some “unusual” veggies, like leek, carrots, tomatoes and unions, but it seems do-able. It will be put next to the mill and meat workshop. This means I will need pigs later on…

- Piggies! Since I have recently gotten the horses I’m going to wait till it’s spring again with them (I don’t want to push myself too far, it needs to stay fun)

I will need to save up quite some money. Taxes are in a couple of turns and I’m rather poor right now.
- Upgrade house for extra worker ($18K)
- Kitchen ($1460)
- Pigs ($1460+$4,5K for size upgrade)
- Size upgrade cows ($8K)
- New Silo ($1460+$3,5K for size upgrade)
So that’s already rougly 40K that I will need. Taxes, watering costs, electricity and payment for the workers not included.
Next update will be…. Around spring planting I guess?
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Re: Newb Diary

Postby Darcoria » Fri Nov 17, 2017 7:41 pm

Guess I lied about the spring update, a lot happened outside the game so I’ve been just coming online to do what needs to be done. As such, my game has suffered a bit.
Although I did do some things. The techniques for taking care of the animals has been upgraded, so taking care of them costs less energy now. Also hired a new worker to help with summer watering, expanded the barn to hold 7 cows and put a new silo in (with size upgrades).
Since the farm isn't pretty to look at right now (and hasn't changed) just going to put some stats and plans out there. Since everything should be going back on track. In some of the former entries I was talking about getting the kitchen & sweet workshop, but I'm going to put that on hold until later.

Year plan
Winter (this year): Make enough food for all the animals to last until next year. Bake breads from the leftover cereals. Make chicken puff pastry. And prepare some gougeries & tarts. Save up to at least 70K!
Spring: (Next year) Put the piggies in front of the chickens, be sure to put them outside for as long as possible and don't buy more than 2. Buy a couple of plots, since the amount of feed needed is going to be more. Although I'm going to try the fast growing onces. see if I would be able to make my life easier with it. Plant on the leftover spots, 1 extra wheat for bakery and hot cereals.
Summer (next year): Hopefully harvest the cold cereals and put the hot once in. If there are leftover spots, put the Lentil, Cress, Garlic and Radishes in. Put the Grape tree in (Probably the black ones)
Fall (Next year): Put Lentil, Cress, Garlic and Radishes in if there wasn't place before. Breed and cull the chickens, put the pigs inside when the temperatures start to drop. Breed/cull the cows to make some cheeses. (Going for the semi-soft cheese). Making feed for the animals.

Veteran Tuber-Bulb-Stem ----- 3092/4650 (Garlic & radish mostly)
Experience Podded vegs ------ 880/2000 (Lentil & Snowpea mostly)
Amateur leafy/salad --------- 420/650 (Chard & Cress mostly)
Exp Fruit trees ------------- 500/2000
Semi-pro chicken meat ------- 1033/3500 (Around 103 dead chickens)
Veteran feed ---------------- 4309/5000 (Probably next autumn)
Semi-pro Dairy -------------- 0/10000 (Requires 3 ing)
Veteran meat----------------- 175/5000 (Requires 3 ing)

- Buy at least 3 plots extra
- Buy the winery
- Buy two piggies
- Freshness upgrade on the feed silo
- Look into endurance/cost for some bakery recipes

Think that's all, till next time~
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Re: Newb Diary

Postby Darcoria » Thu Apr 26, 2018 9:36 pm

Bet I'm the only person excited for it, but yeah.
So I've had to deal with study and some other things.
Ran out of feed so I had to cull some of the animals to make sure the ones left wouldn't starve.

Plans have strayed from last time as you will read
I bought a Brewery, wich probably wasn't the best plan.
Since I only get 150 hops at a time, at least I was smart enough with getting it at first harvest :?
Also no longer planning on getting a kitchen
Going trough the recipes that I could make would take ages
Plus all the stuff I have to think about… Yeah, rather not
In that sense Brewery is pretty straight forward
Just takes a couple of turns to be ready

Advocaat and Apple brandy are temporary ones, they take a while to mature and I can't ge the Brady and Apple Cider myself.
Prefer apple brandy over advocaat money wise, but it's nice way to get rid of leftover eggs
Plan on making Apple Beer and Corn/Rye ale, as ales can go into bread making, while still counting for achievement.
Fruit beers are a nice money maker, plus gets rid of the leftover fruits since tarts go slow.

Meat workshop is still going slow
For the achievement I need 3 ingredients, wich isn't so much a problem
I just forget I have the workshop or I run out of garlic/meats, which is a problem.

Dairy workshop is a disaster to put it lightly
I need 10.000 items with 3 ingredients, only the brinned cheeses and pasta filata are 3 ing
Wich both require fresh cheese, but unlike the most cheeses they don't require half a year of maturing time.
Downside is, I don't have anything I can use them for.
So in the end, I will be going for the semi-soft cheese, wich will go in the bakery together with Choux Pastry

The bakery is most important thing
I'm mostly baking fruit tarts, as I always have some kind of fruit laying around
Biggest problem is getting enough milk

Due to problems earlier I had to cull some cows
So now I have less milk and am thinking again about getting myself some Dairy Cows, but where am I going to put them.
My farm is still a mess...

Ideas (Not even going to bother and call it plans)
Getting Meat chickens
+ More meat > Meat workshop!
- Less Eggs > enough for Bakery?
Getting Dairy cows
+ More milk > Bakery + Dairy
- Less Rennet > Dairy needs rennet, badly
Plant lemon tree
+ New recipes > Bakery and Brewery
- Less plots for cereals

Achievements (ones i'm working on "actively")
Experienced Fruit Trees------------------- 897/2000
Experienced Fruiting flowery ------------ 1160/1500
Experienced Podded Veg ----------------- 1640/2000
Experienced Organic Workshop --------- 754/1500 ingredients 3 (slowly as I use it for some feed)
Veteran Tubers ----------------------------- 3524/4650
Veteran Meat workshop ------------------- 2357/5000 ingredients 3
Veteran Bakery ----------------------------- 4260/5000 ingredients 4
Semi-pro Feed making -------------------- 2979/10000 ingredients 4
Semi-pro milled ---------------------------- 6765/20000
Semi-pro dairy ----------------------------- 277/10000 ingredients 3 (This one is going to be reallllllly difficult and long)

Favorite Recipes this time around
Just some recipes that are worth the trouble for me.
Meat Workshop: Fermented Sausage, Wet Cured Chicken, Chicken sausage
Bakery: Black/Raspberry Pie, Italian Cheesecake (or with fruits), Pumpkin Pie, Gougeries, Chicken Puff, Ale Bread, Eclair
Dairy: Semi-soft Cheese
Brewery: Apple Brandy, Advocaat, Apple Beer, Ale(s)
So yeah, most recipes are there to support the bakery, which I don't see changing anytime soon to be honest. As it IS my main source of income.

Probably when I have a lot of cash I will re-organize my farm a little bit, as I'm just putting buildings down where seems fine atm.
And a few turns later I regret it, so yeah. Once I have the cash, and the achievements for my year-round crops so that they grow faster or have higher yield.
I will re-organize it all, which is going to be an expensive joke, at least it might look better afterwards...
It's the idea that counts.
Till next time!
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