Co-Op Looking for New Members

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Co-Op Looking for New Members

Postby SamuelSlater » Tue Dec 13, 2011 4:31 am


The Delphi Co-Op (US1) is looking for new members. We are a friendly co-op with a range of experience levels. We have an active exchange board and our members are often involved in helping other co-op members with any challenges or missions that come up. Some of our players are super motivated to win every challenge possible, and some are happy just to grow crops and have other players to trade and chat with. We have lots of co-op benefits and tons of recipes. If you are looking just for a co-op to join to have better trading options, or if you would like advice and support for your challenges and missions, we are the place for you. We are looking for beginning through master level players, but do ask that you have consistently been playing for a month (in the real world) so that you know that you enjoy the game and will be playing for the foreseeable future. To learn more about us, check out our co-op page. If you are interested in joining, please first introduce yourself on our forum page under "applications." (And by "please" I mean "absolutely do this, don't just apply first." :)


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