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Game guide -Only Read

Postby UncleBob » Thu Nov 18, 2010 9:43 pm

Money Making
To make money in this game fast and using materials that can actually be found then you need to use

a) bakery ---> use bakery to make breads mostly in summer / autumn using the cereals you have harvested. First get flour from the market or from your cereals and them make bread dough and then turn the dough into bread. You can make the following. 1\rice - rice flour - rice dough - rice bread 2\ wheat - wheat flour - bread dough - sourdough bread 3\ corn - cornmeal - corn dough - tortilla 4\ rye - rye flour - rye dough - rye bread
b) meat workshop -----> you can use the meat workshops to make fish recipe. All the fish can be made into brined fish and then smoked fish in this workshop and you should use it in winter / spring months when cereals are obsolete. Salmon and pike turn more profit but are harder to find in q4 quality.
Use quality 3 and quality 4 fish. Good Luck

Out of Endurance?
Did you know that if you run out of endurance and you forgot to do something in your farm you can eat some food from the market?

To do that you need to buy
cooked food
alcohol products
pastry products (walnut cake is almost always available)

After you buy the food you go to your menu select the farmer you want to it the food with and then
select the first button on the left on the top row of the menu of buttons. Its called eat food and has a strawberry on it.
Note: Of course you can eat fruit or vegetables you have already on you if you need just a bit of endurance to complete and action.

Every 48 turns the game will ask you to pay some money for tax according yto yourr year's profit. You
need to check on the taxes due regularly so you wont forget to save money for the payment.
Taxes are on the dollar sign on the menu.

Extra farmers/Employees
Every time your farm earns a level (for example from beginner to amateur) you have the ability to
upgrade you main house and recruit another farmer (employee) to work in your farm. Every 4 turns you
will have to pay his salary. So amateur farms can have one extra farmer and experienced farms can have
2 extra farmers....and so on....

When you want to plant non permanent plants like cereals or tuber/bulbs for example you need to check
the weather conditions needed for this plant to grow and its resistances...For example if you want to
plant rye which needs 15-30 degrees and has no cold resistances you need to plant it in the middle of
the summer that the temperature will be high so it can grow....Preferably June will be best....If you
plant it in the winter it will never grow and in the end you will lose the corp harvest altogether
because of the cold and strong winds...

Storage in this game is tricky as your silo wont be able to hold all the stuff you will be gathering
and holding as your farm grows
This means you need to get a second or later maybe a third silo to be able to hold everything you grow or make.
Also before you buy a new silo make sure you have already upgraded the ones you already have at least 3 levels.
If you put something on the exchange board you use transaction points remember that!
Also you need to have in mind that buying and selling use up your transactions as well. Generally as your farm will grow
you will need more and more transactions and thus you need to plan on how you will spend them each day.

Don't plan to get animals Until you reach veteran level and up! you cant profit from animals unless you
have the corresponding workshop (example meat or dairy workshop)and feed your animals with expensive
feed to reach good quality....Most profitable set of workshops for lower levels are the windmill and
bakery. Together used you can make even 2000dollars a day.You plant cereals and then you mill them on
the windmill and then you make bread dough in the bakery and the dough then is turned into bread in
the bakery again!Also we have endless other recipes for the bakery workshop.
Animals are more like a long run investment. You feed them until the reach q6 or q7 quality
so you can use the products and finally get some profit.
until then they will eat up your money and thus you need to be able to afford that!

you need fame in order to level up in this game and you get fame from missions!

you can have up to 5 active missions
so try get some easy missions and do them...
preferably get
-fishing missions
-chicken missions(chicken bones,chicken eggs, chicken meat)
-plant cereals, leafy or tuber/bulb missions
-Feed missions

You can abandon a mission if you don't like it before the first deadline and there wont be any
consequence.So as you go every day if you don't like one of the old missions or you think you wont be
able to accomplish it you can abandon that and get a new one!

Fame is also important and necessary to advance in this game and you can get it only from missions...

Tab has livestock/corps/workshop
So in accomplishment you can get 3 fame if you collect eggs which i m sure you have done so since you
have the chicken coop. You can get another 3 fame if you cull two chickens and get 10 meat.
then in the crops tab you get 3 fame if you harvest 300 cereals.
and in the workshop you get 3 fame if you make 50 feed for your animals and if you mill 50 cereals
into flour.

So the way i see it here you can accomplish the following accomplishments

1 egg accomplishment (you need to collect an amount of eggs)
2 chicken meat accomplishment (cull two chickens)
3 crops accomplishment when you harvest 300 cereals
4 50 feed making accomplishment (this is an easy one just buy 50 quality 1 wheat from the market and
go to your silo and make 50 basic feed.
5 make 50 flour in your mill

Out of season
Try not to plant crops/tubers/leafy out of season always check the average temperature your plant
needs. This way you know if your plant will grow or not in the season you are planting it. If it is
out of season it will take ages to grow or even die from the weather conditions.

Coop Information
Did you know you can check what other people in your coop grow and what missions the got?
If you click on the coop icon the one written in big letters it takes you to the main interface of
your coop.
Then you see the picture of out coop and beside it the option member list.
If you click on member list you see all members
One thing to do is add all our members in your contact list and also check their farms by selecting
the member and looking on the right side of the page scrolling down...
This way you know if people in your coop can help you accomplish your missions. What they grown and
fairly when it will be ready and also you can see if you can help them by checking what missions they have!

Special recipe gifts
Did you know?
that when you get an accomplishment for a workshop you get a mystery recipe in the inventory / special
after beginner level every time you get an accomplishment in the workshops tab you get a recipe for
that workshop! check out if you have got any and open your mystery gifts!

Quality Mix
Remember when you make something in one of your workshops you need to buy ingredients of the same
quality otherwise the final product will come out with the quality of the ingredient with the lower
quality that you bought.for example if i want to make whafa feed in my silo i need to buy wheat and
alfa so if i buy quality 6 wheat and quality 5 alfa the whafa feed will come out quality 5.So if you
want to make something to sell or for a mission you need to check the qualities you buy. Also for the
missions freshness is always a factor and you need to check if the product you make will be fresh
enough to turn it in when the time comes.

Remember to check if you have enough wood left for the next day
because if you don't have enough wood your farmer will be cold and will wake up with less endurance the
next day!

Only use organic stuff (fertilizer/pesticide/fungicide) or the quality of your crops will drop and
along with the quality the price will drop as well!

I want to clarify something about fish missions. Fish have 12 turns expiry date so it means that you can only use the fish you catch the last 11 or 10 turns according to the freshness the mission buyer asks. So if your mission has 20 more turns to be turned in and you catch the fish that early they wont be there when the mission is due because they will have expired! So start fishing after you reach the 10th turn preferably.

Did you know you can go to your inventory and stack your products in the same pile!! Yes you can! Just be careful not to stack products of different
quality because it always totals to the lower quality you stacked and not the higher. The same thing happens with the freshness!
For example if you stack q7 wheat and q5 wheat the outcome will be q5 wheat! the same goes for the freshness it rounds up to the lowest freshness.

Did You know that animals Die of old age in the game?
Of course they Do! animals have certain turns they will live according to what they are.So the best way to renew your animals is to cull one older animals each time and breed. When you get a new animal through breeding you go to the next older animal.
Its good to level up your animals to quality 4 OR MORE BEFORE you START BREEDING SO YOU can GET Q4 ANIMALS!
Always use selective breeding and generally when you upgrade your quality keep culling and breeding so that you can make some profit of your animals meat/skin or whatever and also renew your livestock.

Turns to Animal Death:)

Chicken 364
Rabbit 260
Sheep 364
Goat 364
Pig 624
Farm Cow 572
Work Horse 1040
Bees 96
Fertilizers and Need for Organic Waste
To make fertilizer we need organic waste and as you all know we cannot find any good quality organic waste in the market....
so we need to make our own.To make organic waste we need to buy q7 cereals expiring in few turns preferably (3-4 turns)
200 quantity is the quantity (no more no less) and let it expire in our silo.

When they expire they leave 10 organic waste q7.
So find 200 cereals q7 that expire in a few turns and buy them. Remember it should be a whole batch so if you have
some here and there go to your inventory and stack them in the same pile.

Also if you add 1 cereal that expires in 2 turns in a pile that expires in 10 turns then the whole pile will expire in 2 turns as well
because you stacked it. So that's a way you can make your cereals rot faster(by adding a unit that expires faster than the larger butch).

Livestock Quality-points to Quality-stars and quality improvement
1-19 = 1 Star Livestock --->whafa/alot/ocorn/whaco feed Q7
20-39 = 2 Star Livestock---->xtra feed Q7 (goes up to 42)
40-59 = 3 Star Livestock---->Balanced feed Q7
60-79 = 4 Star Livestock -----Enriched Feed up to 70 then use advanced Q7
80-89 = 5 Star Livestock ----->Advanced feed Q7
90-94 = 6 Star Livestock------>Optimum feed Q7
95 and above = 7 Star Livestock ------>Optimum Feed Q7 (goes up to 105)

This is the feed guide so you know how to use feed to upgrade your livestock quality.

To check the quality you need to click info on your animals and check the average quality fraction.
For example average quality 38/42 ----> 38 is the current quality of your livestock and 42 is the maximum quality they can reach using the feed you got or according to the weather you have.
Remember the fraction always shows what will happen tomorrow so if i have 38/42 tomorrow your quality will be 39/42.
Vaccinate your animals when they reach 70-75 in resistances with Good Vaccination. Vaccination of any kind will decrease the fraction by 25% so each time you vaccinate your animals lower in quality.

Important Note If You got an opposite fraction which means for example 39/30 it means that from tomorrow and on the quality of your livestock will start decreasing so tomorrow you will have 38/30 and so on.(this means the quality of the feed you are giving them is low if they are inside or the weather is bad if they are outside.) To solve this and have a positive resulting fraction you need to move the animals inside and give them better feed.

Greenhouses and Resistant Crops
If you reach veteran level you can build greenhouses to protect your plants from wind and extreme weather conditions! You can also upgrade them!
And what's more if you complete the veteran accomplishment for crops you can get resistant crops which means they will have more resistances for fungus and pests and thus it will be hard to get infected!

Use fertilizers on your plants every season. if your plants are near harvest and the season changes
don't fertilize but wait until after harvest so you can fertilize the new crops. You can only fertilize
once every 3 game months so use that info wisely....Remember the bonus growth from fertilizing doesn't add
up... if you fertilize and you have bonus growth 25% after a few turns that bonus will start wearing off and it
will decrease for example to 20%.
If you fertilize again that same crop the bonus growth will go back to 28% and wont got to
48% (so 20% you had previously and 28% you added from the new fertilizing WONT Add UP)

So......Remember when you fertilize to look first the bonus your plants have from previous fertilizing.

If it has no bonus fertilize
if it has 17% and up don't fertilize and wait for the bonus to go down
If it has 14% or lower then fertilize.

Note: Don't fertilize crops that are ready to harvest because then you
wont be able to fertilize the new crops you will plant. You can't fertilize twice in the same season!!

Sending same message Multiple times to different members

When you write a message you can send it to multiple players as long
as they are in your contact list.(make sure all members are in your
contact list)
1 So open you contact list
2 pick a member
3 write a message
4 send message
5 pick a new member(the contact list stays open unless you close it
...and your message doesn't disappear so repeat)
6 send message

so you can pick a member write a message and then send the same message to many members as many times as you want without rewrtitng.

The Steps To Become A Challenger!

This is a short guide on how to get around the challenges thingy.
Well first of all you need to pick challenges you think you can win and not run around entering any challenge because you only have 3 challenges spots.
It means you can only enter 3 challenges at the same time and you need to pick the ones that you can probably win.
The challenges that are announced each day are on the home page of USA server 1 on the right.

A few things to remember

- If you enter a challenge and do not win nothing happens (no negative you don't lose anything for entering and not winning a challenge)
- the challenges end when the turn timer goes to 1 (It means that when this turn ends the winner is announced)
- you can check your challenges by clicking on the Rankings button (which is right next to the message button on the right) and then click on the challenges
on the left of the screen. You will get a new screen with some icons with stars above. Select the level of challenge you took part and keep track of your score and the rest of the participants'.
- To win a challenge 3 demands must be met
1. To have the best score
2. The challenge to have the minimum participants (otherwise its canceled)
3. All the minimum participants need to score the minimum score for the challenge to be valid!
example: challenge needs 10 participants and has 10 participants exactly but you see in the scoring table that 2 participants haven't scored anything. If they still haven't scored anything by the end of the challenge then it gets cancelled because not all minimum participants got the minimum score....

How to check your progress and your opponents in a challenge

Click on the 4rth button on the bottom row of the button menu
its the one right next to the messages and its called rankings.
There you will find a button called challenges.(click on it its on the list on the left)

On top you will see some icons with stars you will select the category you are taking part in
and then click on it and start scrolling to find your challenge and see who else is participating
including yourself. There you will see who is in and their score.

In the rankings you can also search for a player and see how strong he is based on the info the game gives.
So in the search bar write the name of the person you wish to check and VOILA!!

Leveling UP

Well there is no obvious reason for not leveling up except in this game
you cannot enter challenges of lower levels once you do. Every time you can enter challenges
from you level and one level down. So for example if you are experienced you can enter challenges
of amateur and experienced levels.Also i don't see any reason for people to level up unless they have money
to expand their house to get an extra farmer and also have already bought all the land allowed in that level.

Another reason someone might not level up is that the missions become harder and if your farm isn't
expanded enough you might not be able to deal with the products required.

Growing BEES
So since our last update players are able to grow bees in their farm.
What you should know about bees is

1) they should be put in a place surrounded by trees because they have to have tree slots directly neighboring with the beehive
in order to produce honey
2) get only 1 queen bee and 1 drone bee(later you should get 2 queens and 2 drones)
3) fill the rest of the beehive with worker bees as they are the ones collecting the honey
4) vaccinate your bees with optimum vaccination

In brief that's all you need to know. The bees are not fed or watered and they are dependent on weather conditions.
You will only use the queen bee and drone bee for breeding so you don't need to have more than one insect of these kinds.
Note: you will need to renew your bees because they will die after 96 turns so you need to breed new ones and cull the old ones.

Beehive next to trees....

Did you know that trees that are next to the beehive get an extra bonus growth when fertilized?
For example a fertilized tree can reach up to 45% bonus growth when the normal bonus from the fertilizer was 32%

so try to put the beehive in the middle and surround it with trees because this way we have to perks.
1/you have honey all year because the bees make honey from trees that are over 115%growth
2/your trees get a free bonus growth!
Conclusion is that ideally the beehive should be in the middle of 8 trees:)

check this image of my farm

I hope I was of help I tried to make it as short as possible and to contain as much valuable information as possible.
Good luck to Us
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Re: Game guide -Only Read

Postby KJordan » Fri Nov 19, 2010 12:37 am

Looks Good UncleBob! :D
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Re: Game guide -Livestock quality

Postby UncleBob » Sat Nov 20, 2010 1:12 pm

Please If you find any mistakes or you think something isnt explained adequately message me in game or in the forum.

Thank you!
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Re: Game guide -Only Read

Postby Possi » Wed Feb 16, 2011 3:03 pm

good work!
I'd like to add something I came upon the other day: I had harvested spinach, and it turned up in the food for endurance button with 18 or so endurance given. I don't know wether it works with other vegetables, too, or even wether it is a bug.
If someone could confirm, please...
that would be a cheap way to always have some extra endurance in stock. Not much, true, but it might be enough for watering a forgotten field.
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Re: Game guide -Only Read

Postby Scarlett1006 » Thu Feb 17, 2011 9:25 pm

Wow. Your guide is better than the actual game guide. Good job...
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