New update pros and cons

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New update pros and cons

Postby karenswoose » Mon Jul 11, 2016 9:18 pm

Thanks Moshu for the new update. There are (as usual) some things I love and some I don't love so much--or rather some things I miss, and a couple of bugs.

pros: I absolutely love the new farm appearance. The rocks and grass make it look more wild outside of the farm -- and I love the wildflowers peeking up here and there.
Thank you for the sort options for recipes. It is very handy. And I like having the recipe linked to the workshop. Anything that saves clicks is good.

1. There is no message part for the coop logs anymore. I thought that was one of the most useful things added in the last few updates. It enables quick thank yous and brief notes that wouldn't otherwise get sent. A lot of players won't take time to go to the forum, and writing individual notes is time consuming. I know time is a big issue for me, and the more time it takes to play, the less I'm apt to do it.
2. When I go to the farm page, the list of crops no longer shows their expected loss %. That was a handy way of determining which crops need to be pruned. Now, I have to look at each tile individually. Again, it takes a lot more time. It would also help if the crop list would show the fertility of the crops. When using the quick buttons, I don't often look at a particular tiles info and I sometimes think I fertilized everything only to find a crop or a whole row of crops with very low fertility because they were missed.
3. On the exchange board, you can no longer sort trades by type of product. So if I need something, say fertilizer, I have to go through the whole list of trades to see if there is any on the board.
4. For challenges, the minimum score needed to qualify is listed on the main challenges page, but not on the list of challenges accepted. I often enter challenges just so they won't be cancelled. I need to be able quickly to determine whether I have made minimum score. Now, I have to scroll down the whole list of challenges to do that. To make it worse, on the main challenges page, there is no visible difference between challenges I have entered and ones I haven't except the score. I can't tell if it is a challenge I entered but haven't yet scored on or one I haven't entered at all.
5. The market isn't easy to use. When I buy something, the only way to tell whether the transaction went through is that the numbers of the ingredient being sold changes. If I'm buying something like fuel, that always has a lot on the board, I must look at how many are there before I buy it. If I forget, I don't know it's bought without looking at the daily log. It would be nice to have a "done" message or something. When selling something, I usually sell all of a particular item at a time. In the old interface, the "sell all" button was next to the sell button, so it was quick and easy. In the new interface, you have to move the curser over to the other side of the frame. Not impossible, but not as quick.
6. When using the repeat action buttons to do something, pruning for example, I get a verification message when the action takes place, but if there is no need for the action, nothing happens at all, leaving me unsure whether anything is even happening. I then have to go to the plot individually and double check to see whether it needs pruning. Previously, there was a little wheel icon that showed something was initiated.
7. Nothing seems to show how many transactions I have available. Thus, I don't know how many transactions I have until I use them up and try to buy more than I can buy. Then I get a notice that I don't have that many transactions left. But, I can't plan what and how much to buy because I never have the larger picture.

1. On the farm page, for livestock I have chickens, cows and bees. The info for chickens and cows seems ok, but the bee info is totally wrong--correct type and numbers of beehives, but incorrect numbers of bees in the hives and incorrect * quality.
2. If I try to do something I can't do using the repeat action buttons, strange messages sometimes pop up. For example, I tried to harvest a plot that wasn't ready and I got a message saying that I needed to pay my electricity bill or change my tool.
3. We still have no neighbours listed and haven't since the previous update. It looks like you have done away with the neighbours requirement for buildings, so I'm not sure that it matters, but it is handy having a quick list of coop members and their levels, if only to see who might be available to enter a challenge.
4. I don't know if this is a bug, but I can't find my storage capacity anywhere. Did you move it to a strange place? is it even still relevant?

For now, my general impression is the I'm not fond of most of the changes. Although it is faster to do a lot of the actions, it is much more difficult to find out information about things. Moreover, there is no real way to get the bigger picture because everything is presented in bits and even the bits have to be scrolled through to be seen completely. I like not having to go to a different screen for various actions, but I wish you had left the ability to go to those screens as an option for when I wanted to use them. It was and easy and quick way to get an overall picture of my whole farm, of the coop, etc.

Another point to consider: Many of us live in places where the internet is slow or spotty at times. This makes it important to have verification of some srt that our actions are getting through is important. A simple chime or highlight or something lets us know that the computer isn't just being very slow to accept our actions. It is very disconcerting to get no response at all to my actions.

Thanks for listening, Moshu
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Re: New update pros and cons

Postby Moshu-X » Tue Jul 12, 2016 1:16 am

Thanks for posting Karen.

for the cons
1.Below the coop logs you could type in a message then click validate to post it to the logs, it might need to be more obvious
2. That could be added back in easily, but using the Z key should show which plants need fertilizing
3.I forgot about that one, it could be sorted out easily
4.I could add in the min score in the accepted challenges tab
5.I could add in a discreet message when you buy something.I was hesitating to put in by default the max quantity to sell instead of zero, but I could enable that
6.A mouse over the plot should show if it needs pruning, the fastest way is the Z key
7.I wonder if you are seeing the game only partially, because the transaction, storage, hay fuel etc... are supposed to be on the main screen. Transactions left is on the upper right hand side of the game screen.

1.I'll look into that, but all your beehives are around 98 in quality is that it ? The number of bees seems to be fine...
2.I'll fix that
3.Neighbors are back normally
4.Storage is at the upper right of the game screen, along with the transactions left.
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Re: New update pros and cons

Postby karenswoose » Tue Jul 12, 2016 3:10 am

1. Ok, I do see where to type a message. It might be better to mark it somehow to make it noticeable. Everything is so new it's easy to overlook things.
2. The z key shows everything that can be fertilized, but at the start of the new season every plot can be fertilized, even ones that I fertilized on the last turn of the old season. I want to be able to distinguish between the ones that could be fertilized but are at 98% fertility and the ones that need to be fertilized because they are only at 52% fertility. Again, it's really a matter of seeing the big picture. I used to be able simply to look down the list of crops and see that everything was pretty much as I expected it to be, or see immediately if something was out of whack. Now I have to go to different places for bits of information and then put the bits together. Not difficult, but just that much more work.
5. The max quantity is easy enough to do by clicking the double arrow key. It's more a matter of where the buttons are on the screen. Perhaps the quantity button and the sell button can be transposed. That way, the double arrow is right next to the sell button.
6. The z key doesn't show if it needs pruning, only fertilizing and watering (at least mine doesn't).
7. Transactions, storage etc. are back on the main screen. Don't know what happened there.

1. My beehives are all at 98 quality, but the page shows 4 hives at 7* and one at 6*. I have 3 hives with 8 bees each and 2 hives with 5 bees each. The page shows 3 hives with 0 bees, 1 hive with 2 bees ad 1 hive with 3 bees.
3. The old neighbor interface allowed you to see how many neighbors at each level and allowed you to see only those neighbors at whatever level you chose. That ability seems to be gone, but it was handy because if I need to ask people to join a challenge, I only want to ask the players who are at the appropriate levels. It takes time to go through the players and figure out who is at the level I need--especially in the larger coops.
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Re: New update pros and cons

Postby Moshu-X » Tue Jul 12, 2016 8:18 pm

I tried to solve all the issues above, let me know of anymore problems thanks ;)
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Re: New update pros and cons

Postby karenswoose » Tue Jul 12, 2016 10:48 pm

Wonderful, thanks!!!!
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