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Postby RavennaRed » Thu Aug 05, 2010 2:01 pm

Greetings all,

In order to maintain a regular supply of fertilizer and crop protection we need to begin to have farmers contribute the necessary ingredients. We've made over 600 units of products so far! But now it's time to have all co-op members start to contribute for our Spring needs.

The next products we will make and disburse are Very Strong Organic Fungicide (VSOF) and Very Strong Organic Pesticide (VSOP).

Why are we making it? A crop protection strategy employs either a "preventative" program or a "cure" program or some combination of the two.

We created the General Crop Protection (GCP) as a preventative measure. But we are forced to use a lot of that product to build up the pest/fungus resistance. The FFG Forums have given us reason to consider a cure strategy that does not use protection products but simply has enough cure products on hand to wipe out any problems with little loss of crops and no loss in quality. We have determined that we will begin to make these products and need to enlist your help.

This should be fairly easy and much, much cheaper than continuing to produce GCP.

From what we've read, these cures are so strong we will be making them at 1* - so most ingredients will be cheap and readily available. So we'll plan to give each farmer 5 units of each, plus we'll post some on the exchange for unforeseen emergencies.

Remember we'll only use these products on the farms IF/WHEN we get infected or infested.
Our goal is to make 60 units of each, 120 units total.

The ingredients (and current cost per unit): Included the quantity and cost to produce vs buy

60 x Bonemeal (.71)
60 x Cayenne (1.42)
60 x Cow Milk (1.06)
60 x Chicken Egg (.71)
60 x Cornmeal (.71)
120 x Garlic (.71) both products need this
120 x Herbs (.71) both products need this
120 x Lemon (3.63) both products need this
60 x Manure (.35)
60 x Onion (.78)
60 x Organic Waste (.71)
60 x Wine Vinegar (4.25 to buy or 2.48 to make)

Please look at the list and volunteer to donate some of the ingredients. Let me know what you want to donate. Please DO NOT get the product and just donate. Tell me first and then I'll send out the shopping list for each of you so we can avoid duplication. And again - we ONLY NEED 1* product.

My rough calculations estimate this should cost us about $150. each but larger farms should pick up the slack for smaller farms.

Thanks for your help and happy farming!
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