Fair Trading Practices

Fair Trading Practices

Postby Lessard » Mon Jun 07, 2010 8:11 pm

There are a few good ways of getting this done, and in all instances, good communication UPFRONT is key.

1) Ask the person with the workshop or crop item to sell you X number of said item for resale value. They post the item in the desired quality and quantity and you pay for it with something of EQUAL resale value. This works best for procurring crop items that would otherwise be sold at market anyways.

However, you must recognize that not all crops are intended to be sold as is, and are instead an investment crop to be made into a more expensive product. IE: Blackberries sell for $8 per unit, but can be made into Blackberry jam for $12 per unit, and if this was their intended purpose than payment needs to be higher than market resale value. It is best when the "homegrown" item can be swapped in even quantity for the same or equivalent market purchased item. Not always possible, I know, but a little consideration and research is called for in these transactions. Recently, Gen needed 60 of Bob's pear for a mission. Bob had earmarked these for Perry making to increase his profit. Since equivalent pears could not be purchased, but apples could; and since apple cider sells for the same as perry, this was how the trade was accomplished. Fair and equitable all around.

2) When you need an item made into a product in somebody elses workshop for a mission, you are basically making a purchase of endurance. Please recognize that this represents a cost to your benefactor through unrealized profit on their own behalf. Whenever possible, you should be trading your own endurance services with this person in exchange; as well as providing ALL of the ingrediants involved. Blackberries do not become jam without the addition of sugar, so it is not sufficient to pass me 100 berries and ask me to return 100 jams. It should not cost me to assist you. Here's what would be fair: Message me asking what service you could provide in exchange for making 100 jam. Well, I have a mission coming up which requires 40 whafa feed and 40 Xtra Oat feed. While this is not exactly an even swap, it is relatively close. So I will post ALL of the ingrediants for the feeds and you will post ALL of the ingrediants for the jam, we can use hay/wood for these to the extent that they are uneven. We provide each other the agreed upon service and trade back the finished goods, again using hay/wood if needed. If there is truly no service that I need from you, than monetary compensation is in order. You could ask me to make 100 jam with ingrediants YOU provide, and offer me to keep 10 for myself.

Lastly, to my way of thinking, there is a difference between needing something for a mission and wanting it to increase profitability on my crop. We should not need to have every workshop ourselves in order to fulfill missions, this is why we belong to a coop. While we have all needed a hand in getting to the point where we have at least one workshop in addition to the feed silo, please don't depend on your coop partners to make your profit dollars for you. If you are growing blackberries and want to make them into jam for resale at every harvest, than you need to be building a kitchen workshop on your own farm. A good way to get the money for this, is to offer to sell me (because I have a kitchen) your first few blackberry crops at a price between market sale price and purchase cost. IE: if you sell to market, you will get paid $8 per unit for your crop. If I buy that crop from market, I will pay $10 per unit. You could sell it to me for $9 per unit and we both win. After you have sold enough, you can buy your own kitchen and make jam for yourself.
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