Fulfilling missions through intercoop trades

Fulfilling missions through intercoop trades

Postby Lessard » Mon Jun 07, 2010 6:35 pm

As we have grown, and as my personal life has become more time consuming, I have found that I have less time for hunting down solutions for everybody through intercoop trading. I do not want anyone to feel like this is no longer a viable solution for procuring things, be it recipes or actual items; however I cannot be solely responsible for getting every thing that every one needs. So, please feel free to utilize this avenue for finding your own solutions with confidence that your place in this coop is secure.

Here's how I have done this in the past:

I go to the Coop listing page, find a coop with the crop item or workshop that I am needing, open individual coops membership lists and add the leaders name to my contact list. I send out a message stating what I am looking for and asking if they might consider a trade. When you get a response indicating willingness to deal, negotiate the trade.

Next you quit our coop and go join the other coop you will be trading with. Make the agreed upon trade on their exchange board. Quit that coop and rejoin ours.

Sounds very simple and straightforward. Trust me, it is not. This requires an immense amount of good communication on many fronts in order to make smooth transactions as you will need to coordinate times (and you will experience time zone issues) or find yourself stuck waiting to be accepted into the coop or waiting for exchanges to be validated. While this can be very frustrating at times, it is also rewarding and fun. You should be aware that when leaving the coop, all items on the exchange board return to your silo, so be sure to check storage requirements before leaving and make sure you have concluded all exchanges in progress.

Remember to keep me in the loop, so I can hold your place open and let you back in on your return. Have fun - Kren
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