Recipe Swap

Recipe Swap

Postby Lessard » Mon Jun 07, 2010 6:12 pm

Three weeks ago, we owned 11 recipes and had 5 members. I did our first intercoop exchange with Popeye and brought home 8 feed recipes. At that time I felt it was only fair to pass all of these important recipes to every member, so you could own them personally. At present we have 7 members, with the capacity for 11. We owned 89 recipes as of two days ago, and the number has grown since. The act of trying to pass every recipe to every member has become extremely cumbersome, not to mention personally expensive; and many items are expiring before making all the rounds. For these, and other reasons, we will no longer be engaging in this practice.

Every coop member has access to every coop recipe without owning it. I need to own a copy of each, in order to trade it outside of our coop. It has recently come to my attention, the importance of ensuring that at least one other member owns all of the recipes, so that they are still available for use when I am out. For various reasons, I have selected Rosio to be this person. On the go forward, as I acquire recipes through any venue, I will pass them on to Ros, who will in turn pass them back to me for resale.

This does not mean that you are losing the ability to get ownership for yourself, should you care to do so. But it will put the onus on you personally. Should you care to acquire a recipe, here are the steps:

1) Message Ros or I to make arrangements for a recipe swap.

2) Acquire the product from market or buy it from someone with the appropriate workshop to produce it. In this way, you bear the expense, not me.

3) Post the item on the board for either Ros or myself, with a request to have it returned with recipe attached. These will be trades for hay/wood.

In this fashion, everybody can get the recipes that are important to them.

Thanks - Kren
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