Coop Policies

Coop Policies

Postby Lessard » Mon Jun 07, 2010 5:37 pm

Amongst my travels to other coops and in conversations with other leaders, I have found two extremes exist in many coops. Some are very restrictive and controlled, with memberships being revoked for failure to adhere to coop "rules". While others are quite haphazard, with everybody doing their own thing without regard for coop growth or other members needs and total lack of communication. Neither of these extremes work for me, and I have tried to run things with more of a democratic approach. However, as we have grown, I have come to feel like we need some basic guidelines to strike a balance. So here are the things I feel strongly about:

1) Communication: You need to communicate with me. If I message you, please respond promptly. If I ask you to go check the forum or create a forum post, please do so.

2) Contribution: I expect everybody to pass me each and every recipe that they own, regardless of how or when it was obtained. I do not have some special "leader" page that shows me who owns what, so once again, you need to communicate with me as recipes come in.

3) Consideration: Be fair in all your dealings with your coop partners. More on fair trading practices in the next post.

4) Cooperation: We are in a coop for a reason, so be willing to do your part for the benefit of one of your partners or the coop as a whole. Obviously small young farms cannot do this to the same magnitude as larger more experienced farms can, but everybody can do something.

5) Common Sense: Use some judgement in determining the feasibility of a mission and whether or not it is even a mission that we want or need. In the past, I have stated: When in doubt about a mission, accept it, as it can always be droppped later. I still stand by this statement. But, contrary to popular belief, I do not possess a magic wand that enables me to produce items out of the mist in order to fulfill mission requirements. If a mission opportunity calls for longterm crops (harvestable at 150%) that we are not growing, or recipes/workshops/livestock that we do not possess, than it is probably NOT a mission to accept.

We have a wealth of information available at our fingertips about what is going on coop wide, but it does require a bit of research effort on your part. On the main coop page, you can see exactly what is currently being grown in the coop and what workshops we have at present. On individual bio sheets, you can see what missions your partners are working on (although it does not show what recipe is being awarded), and the stats for their crops and livestock, as well as what buildings they own and if they have a fallow plot. In inventory, you can see every recipe that is owned by the coop. On the market "browse recipe" page, you can look up the required ingrediants for our recipes as well as if there is a maturation period. By utilizing these resources, you can make a pretty fair assessment as to whether a mission can be accomplished or not. And if you take the time to check the mission postings in this forum, you can tell if somebody else is already persuing a recipe through one of their missions, so as not to accept a "duplicate" mission. Although there may be times when a duplicate recipe mission is less costly than an existing mission. So please be willing to actually drop a mission, if it is determined to be unfeasible, redundant or too costly.

That's about it. I will create a couple more involved posts regarding recipe swaps and fair trading practices. Please go read them.

Thanks - Kren
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