Game Rules - Terms and Conditions

Rules and regulations for forum use. Game's terms and Conditions.

Game Rules - Terms and Conditions

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Section 1: Services

(I) Validity of Terms and Conditions
To register at, any user has to accept the following Terms and Conditions. Terms and Conditions refer mainly, but not exclusively to all services.

(II) Liability is a free game and therefore, no user has any claim regarding the availability of services. is not liable in any way for server breakdown, faulty programming etc. The occurrence of any disadvantages for a user resulting from server breakdowns, faulty programming etc. does not entitle the user to claim the recovery of his account´s status before the occurrence.

Section 2: Membership

(I) Beginning of membership
Membership begins after a server account has been registred at

(II) Termination by user
The membership may be terminated by the user at any time by deleting the account. The erasure of data information may be delayed for technical reasons. will not save user data any longer than technically required (see Section 6).

(III) Termination by
No user has any claim to register at reserves the right to delete or to block accounts, mainly but not exclusively in case of violation of these Terms and Conditions (that can be viewed permanently at game rules). The project management decides if an account is blocked or deleted. Objections may only be raised towards and the project management. There is, especially regarding that is a free service, no legal claim!

Section 3: Contents / Responsibility provides a platform that allows users to communicate with each other. The users are responsible for the contents of their communication. Pornographic, xenophobic, urologic, scatologic, offensive and any other wrongful and illicite contents are prohibited. is not responsible for the contents, but will immediately delete or block any user who proclaims these contents. Spamming or advertising are also prohibited. Suicidal contents are prohibited.

Section 4: Prohibited actions

(I) Manipulative actions
It is prohibited use any mechanisms, software or other tools in connection with the website that may cause trouble, defect, breakdown or that may in other way interfere with the function and course of the game; use any tools that may cause an unreasonable or excessive stress on technical capacities; block, modify or delete contents generated by, or in any other way to interfere with the function and course of the game.

(II) Prohibited programs
It is prohibited to load any sites of with any other programs than web browsers. Such other programs are in particular so called "Bots" as well as other tools that simulate, replace or supplement the web interface. The same applies to scripts and completely or partially automated programs that provide advantages towards other users and auto-refresh-functions and other browser integrated mechanisms, if not technically unavoidable. is financed by advertising. Therefore, any blocking of advertising is prohibited, no matter if advertising is specifically blocked or generally can not be displayed due to so-called "pop-up-blockers", text-based browsers or similar installations.

(III) Direct log-ins
The login into an account is allowed by the start page, only. Automated opening of an account, no matter if displaying the start page or not, is prohibited.

(IV) Multi log-ins
Simultaneous login to one or more accounts in several windows and/or browsers, by a unique person is forbidden.

Section 5: Restrictions

(I) Maximum number of accounts
All users agree to use only one account per server. So called "Multis", i.e. users who do not comply with this agreement, can be deleted or blocked without prior notice.

(II) Several users per account
The use of one account by different users (account-sharing) is prohibited.

(III) Rules
All users agree to comply with the rules when playing the game.

(IV) Blocking
Users can be blocked temporarily or continuously for one or several or all services.
The decision whether and how long a user is blocked, is subject to´s discretion.

Section 6: Data protection

(I) Storage of personal data reserves the right to store personal data of users in order to supervise the obedience of users to the rules, the Terms and Conditions and the law. Subject of storage may be the IP address, the eMail address registered and - if available - all data from the user´s profile.

(II) reserves the right, to disclose personal data to authorities, attorneys or clerks, if and as far as necessary for the protection of´s interests and rights or the protection of the authorities´ legal duties. Personal data will not be disclosed to third parties, in particular to advertising and commercial partners. Users can object to the storage of personal data at any time. As the participation of games requires the storage of personal data for technical reasons, the user account will be deleted on receipt of the objection.

Section 7: Rights of regarding the accounts

(I) General rights
All accounts, including their resources are virtual objects of the game. The user does not obtain ownership or any other rights to the account. All rights are reserved by No rights, in particular no exploitation rights, are assigned to the user.

(II) Prohibition of exploitation
Without written permission of, it is prohibited to agree with third parties upon the transfer, the utilization or the providing of accounts or access data. In particular, it is prohibited to sell accounts or resources, or to make any other profit by leaving accounts or resources to third parties, no matter if temporarily or continuously. The same applies to access data, rights of utilization or any other attempt to evade this regulation. Violations of these or other rights of, in particular copyrights, will be reported to authorities and prosecuted.

Section 8: Liability is not liable for any physical or other damages caused by the use of therefore reminds users that excessive participation in computer games involves the risk of serious personal injury.

Section 9: Premium accounts and options is a free site, open to all without any obligation to buy. However, you can purchase additional game options through micropayment. The use of this service is completely optional, not mandatory. The costs when using this service are clearly stated. Therefore, no request for refund will be admissible.

Section 10: Copyright

Total or partial reproduction of the contents of this site and all attempts to modify files from by whatever means is prohibited without prior written permission and would be against the Intellectual Property Code.

Section 11: Modification of Terms and Conditions reserves the right to modify or extend these Terms and Conditions at any time.
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