Jackson Industries is now recruiting!

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Jackson Industries is now recruiting!

Postby jacko23 » Mon Jun 21, 2010 2:31 pm

Hi to all farmers,
The co-operative Jackson Industries, has had a brilliant 4th quater and are planning to expand it's business. Share values sky rocketed last month holding at a new record high of $9.32. The company are now looking to ramp up its existing member list and recruit new famers. If you wish to join here are the qualifications needed: - Btec in Fine Farming, or a HNC in Livestock and Crop Care
Please send your c.v. / application to Jacko24,Jacko23,Tyrrell, Mangofarmer or ThiGa. Or just look for us in the co-op listing :)

Haha just kidding about the qualifications, anyone is welcome. Aslong as they love to farm :)
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Re: Jackson Industries is now recruiting!

Postby Leykha » Fri Jun 25, 2010 6:01 am

Hello dear,

I would like to remind you that according to the rules:

§5 Miscellaneous

2. Before you post a thread, please have a look if you have chosen the right forum. Otherwise the thread will be moved or closed. Only the thread starter may ask for closing, editing, deleting, or moving the thread.

Posting a topic in several forums ("crossposting") is not allowed, except for announcements by staff members. Crossposts will be deleted and the user be warned if necessary. The same applies to topics with the same content.

You have this message on 3 forums. There are many coops, which are looking for members, but it is not right to spam the forums with your announcement.
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Re: Jackson Industries is now recruiting!

Postby curlymatt » Wed Jul 14, 2010 1:40 am

Does that apply to signatures :) Just thought it kind of contradicted what you said. j/k
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