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Tips and Tricks

Postby Outlash » Sat Nov 03, 2012 4:22 pm

Let's make this clearly this game doesn't have cheats. But some of us found some tricks, or know some useful tips. Here you can share some of them, or you can fiind something new.

I'll start with few:

1. You can't collect anything when storage is full, but you can overload your silos by fishing, or by accepting a trade from coop mate.

2. How to turn 10% quantity bonus upgrade in 15%? (this trick applies to all workshops) :!:
I found this one today when making some wheat flour. I made a bounch of 15(this is the magic number) and noticed that I got 2 extra flour. I made 25 more and get 3 extra flour. I made again 150 hoping that I will recieve a bonus of 20 instead of 15, but didn't happened. I tried again and made 2 bunch of 15 wheat flour, recived 4 bonus. If you try to make 30 flour you'll notice that you will gain only a bonus of 3. So it works. If you re patient you can make the 100 bonus at 750 pieces of product and not at 1000. Imagine that this one applies to any worshop and any product. The biggest disadvantage is that you must spend more time and more clicks. :(

Could someone who haves the 20% quantity bonus, try this and send me a reply? Thanks
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Re: Tips and Tricks

Postby doaa » Mon Nov 04, 2013 6:56 pm

I need participants to join the amature hungry farmer challenge at the uk server otherwise the challenge will be cancelled
thanks in advance and iam looking forward for ur help :)
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