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Postby Moshu-X » Mon Oct 17, 2016 10:39 am

Hi all, the update 1.51 is reaching the other servers. Enjoy the new additions to the game! And big thanks to the beta testers for helping me debug ;)

New Workshop
>New Fabric workshop to combine leather, wool and other basic materials into clothes, shoes and bags.
>New Fabric Accomplishment

New Plants
>New Hemp Seeds Cereal to obtain Hemp Fibre for the Fabric Workshop
>New Flax Seed Cereal to obtain Flax Fibre for the Fabric Workshop
>New Cotton Fruit Tree to obtain Cotton Bolls to make Cotton
>New Mulberry Fruit Tree to obtain Mulberries and Mulberry Leaves for silk making in the Fabric

New Gathered Item
>New Moth Larvae found rarely while Gathering, it is used in the fabric together with the Mulberry leaves

New Swamp land
>4 new pieces of land at the swamp area

New Livestock
>Farm Ducks to get Fowl Eggs, meat and down feathers. Available on the Swamp land only.
>Meaty Ducks to get less fowl Eggs, more meat and down feathers. Available on the Swamp land only.
>Geese for meat, egg and the famous fowl liver (to make foie gras without the force feeding). Available on the Swamp land only.
>Angora Rabbits for the Angora fur, useable in the Fabric.
>Woolly Sheep which has more fur than the other Sheep
>Cashmere Goats for the cashmere fur, useable in the Fabric.

New Recipes
>For the Fabric workshop obviously. Mystery Fabric Recipe availale through SFP
>For the Meat workshop using the duck meat
>For the Kitchen

>Daily Login bonus, log in 5 days straight and get a cookie!
>Daily Bonus items to be picked up around your farm, keep an eye out :)
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