UPDATE 1.4 Test Server

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UPDATE 1.4 Test Server

Postby Moshu-X » Fri Nov 26, 2010 5:53 pm

The 1.4 update will be coming soon on the Test Server. Theses are the changes that will be made and there might be a few more to be added.

On Accomplishments
-Gaining accomplishments from Veteran level onwards will reward you with new content.
-You will access new variants of crops with extra bonuses to their stats (Resistances, Yield quantities, etc…).
-You will be able to boost the quantity, quality and freshness of products made in workshops by further upgrading them.
-You will be able to install new races of livestock which have an extra line of upgrades compared to the basic livestock. Notably, the Quality Boost upgrade that would double or even triple the rate of quality gain per turn.
-2 new Accomplishments for Livestock: Honey Gathering and Harness Power Gathering.

On Hunting
-Hunting will now yield items, usually meat or fur.

On Livestock
-A new Livestock is available: Honey Bees. Bees do not need feeding or watering, but they are always considered outside and are greatly affected by the weather.
-When transferring livestock, if the current animal’s resistances are lower than the receiving barn’s resistances, the barn will loose part of it’s resistance to cold, parasites and/or sickness.
-Resistances should no longer go beyond 100.
-Dairy Cows are now called Farm Cows. Dairy cows are a new bred available through the milk accomplishment.

On Crops
-Crops are now upgradeable. You could install a greenhouse which is upgradeable depending on your farm level. Greenhouses are available from Veteran level onwards. These Greenhouses will influence the minimal and maximal temperature range of your crops optimal growth rate. The best greenhouse could enable your crops to grow the whole year round. Greenhouses, at a certain extent, could protect your crops from wind damage.
-Crops could be tilled and tree crops could be cut even though they are in their growth period. This replaces the bulldoze option, that would bulldoze any Greenhouses installed on the piece of land.

On Workshops
-New recipes are available for the underused crops, honey and hunting items.
-New Silo Size upgrades for your Silos.

On Missions
-When delivering missions, you could now choose which items to deliver.

On Employees
-New employees will have considerably lower skill levels, so that you could better specialise them on the long run.

-An Advanced 5 days weather report is available through SFP. When activated it would last 30 days. It will cost 20 SFP.
-With SFP you could move buildings, crops and livestock around your farm. Each move cost 5 SFP.

On Market
-While browsing recipes, you could see the recipes belonging to you and your Co-op.
-While selling and buying, the page doesn’t reload entirely, so you do not have to scroll all the way down to sell or buy an item.
-Items in the exchange boards are still inside your Silos! When placing a new entry in the Exchange Board your storage will still stay the same. Stock piling on the exchange board is now impossible.

-Some sorting buttons and options are available for the Inventory, Market, Recipe list in workshops, Contact List and Exchange Board.
-A validation button for most of the item selection (selecting crops, livestock, medication …).
-A ‘See All’ option is available in the Inventory.
-While in game, press the ‘z’ key to see if crops and livestock are fed and watered.
-The info bar for livestock has had the land fertility, humidity and pollution removed. Theses indicators are replaced by a feed and water symbol which indicates if the livestock is fed and/or watered.
-Mission items were accompanied by a red symbol, and they are still are, but this time the freshness and quality are taken into account.
-A ‘Livestock always seen outside’ option is available in the options screen. Animals could be viewed outside of their barns but are actually still inside.
-Transactions Left is now viewable on the main game screen.

Extra modifications
-SFP feeds
-2 extra farm decorations
-Stacks of different quality and freshness could be combined in the Inventory
-Action names while validating
-While eating, the interface will not reset. Other employees could be selected during the process.
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Re: UPDATE 1.4 Test Server

Postby robert2534 » Tue Dec 07, 2010 4:38 am

I enjoy very much playing the games. This new update is a bit confusing as on the regular pull down menu, you have the till square next to the close square and where the watering square were before. before I realize it I deleted a plot of lemon that was at 147%. changes are nice but not so drastic. The next day, I went to my kitchen to fried eggs and did not have any, all gone even the one I had just colected. Then my eggs went from a 4* to a 1 star. I find that the medication reduction on the quality is a bit high when you are trying to better your animals. thanks for the enjoyment.
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Re: UPDATE 1.4 Test Server

Postby skyhigh2 » Wed Dec 08, 2010 8:57 am

Une idée de quand cette Maj apparaitra sur les autres serveurs ? A peu près? :P
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Re: UPDATE 1.4 Test Server

Postby kevincao7 » Fri Dec 24, 2010 2:28 am

Hey moshu whens the 1.4 update comeing to the USA servers and the other servers?
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Re: UPDATE 1.4 Test Server

Postby Moshu-X » Fri Dec 24, 2010 11:39 am

There are still some bug fixes to be tested, so I would say after christmas or ... next year ;)
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