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UPDATE 1.0 Test Server

Postby Moshu-X » Fri Aug 07, 2009 9:46 am

Howdy farmers! This is the first major update to the game, and it is now available for the Test server for at least a game year (48 turns/days). This update mainly addresses the difficulty of the game and involves a bunch of calibrating issues, so there is hardly any new content. This update is not permanent and will likely be modified over time, so any feedback/suggestions will be greatly appreciated. A special forum is available for this purpose ( ?.freefarmgame.com/viewforum.php?f=42 )

On pricing:
-All buildings and upgrades cost a lot less.
-All crops and livestock prices have been reduced.

On Livestock:
-Culling livestock will yield more meat.

On Workshops:
-Extra default recipes are available for all workshops.

On Crops:
-A tilled land can only be bulldozed after sowing.
-Strong winds causes less damage to crops.
-Endurance used during watering of crops is dependent on the amount of water used.
-Pruning plants uses less endurance.
-Quality bonus from pruning reduced.
-Some crops now have an ideal growth temperature between 1 and 20 degrees Celsius (winter crops).
-All crops had their ideal temperature range enlarged by 5 degrees.
-All crops yield extra produce.
-Changes to other crop stats, mainly the water intake, resistances and growth rates. See the manual for the detailed list of crops.

On Fungicides/Pesticides/Fertilizers
-Pollution from theses chemicals were greatly reduced.
-Resistances were greatly enhanced.
-Fertilizers can now be used once per season.

On Produce/Market/Food:
-Most farm produces had their expiry turns increased. They now have longer shelf life.
-When browsing the recipes in the market, extra info is available.
-Endurance regained by eating food is now doubled.
-Most farm produces are available on the Market at small quantities at 1 star quality.
-Intermediaries now have more than 1 star quality ratings. Beware, using one star intermediaries on recipes will make low quality produce.
-Gathered goods now have more than 1 star. Your gathering skill will influence the quantity and quality of the gathered goods.
-The quantity and quality of fish is now dependent on your fishing skills and the overall pollution of your farm.

On Missions:
-It is now possible to accumulate up to five missions at one given time.
-Fame and money reward increased for missions.
-Cancelling a mission needs to be validated.

On Challenges:
-Some beginner challenges were removed.
-It is now possible to participate in challenges a level lower than your farm level.
-Gathering wood will score points in the Logging Challenges.

On Accounts:
-You will receive a confirmation mail just after registration.
-A Restart Farm option is available in the Options Interface.
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Re: UPDATE 1.0 Test Server

Postby Moshu-X » Fri Aug 21, 2009 3:24 am

Hi all! To further enhance crops, an additional set of changes are currently available on the Test Server:

>Pruning is now available at the start of a new season. Damaged plants could still be pruned once per turn.
>Plants that could be pruned will no longer be reset to 100% growth at the beginning of winter.
>Humidity only affects 2/3 of the current growth. So, low humidity and good drought resistance will still enable a plant to grow.
>100% lost expectancy due to attacks, frost, drought or wind no longer kills the crops. It is now capped at 99%, so at least a minimum of 1% of yield is harvestable.
>Plants can now regenerate from damages at a rate of 1 point less of lost expectancy per turn.
>Among all the new bonuses for plants, there is one black sheep. Effects of parasites, pests, fungus and sickness are now immediate. Previously, the effects began only on the next turn. Furthermore, the attack damages on crops from pests, fungus and wild animals were slightly increased. Fungicides and pesticides are sufficiently affordable to prevent theses attacks.
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Re: UPDATE 1.0 Test Server

Postby Moshu-X » Tue Sep 08, 2009 12:49 pm

Hi again. This is probably the last part of this first update. It mainly focuses on the Cooperative and on some balancing issues on Livestock. Additional information and modifications have been brought to the manual. Please take some time to reread it (Manual on the test server).

On Livestock
> Food consumption were reduced (except for chickens and rabbits).
> Dirtiness ratings were modified.
> Organic Feed bonuses reviewed especially the production bonus.
> There are more eggs and milk to collect from your livestock.
> Pigs and Rabbits will produce more meat when culled.
> Animals inside their coops or barns have to be fed before collecting, culling, transferring, cleaning and harnessing.
> Productivity shown on the info bar is now the Maximal Productivity. Actual productivity of an animal will go up over time if the coop or barn has productivity upgrades and the animal is fed with productivity bonus feeds. Read Livestock in the manual for more info.
> Quality and quantity on collected items (egg, milk, wool …) from livestock is no longer based on the average quality of the barn or coop but on each individual animal. Collecting eggs might show different quality of eggs at one time. Quantity is based on the individual productivity rate.

On Market
> Eatable products will have their endurance gain bonus shown.
> When buying or selling, you will be able to see the sum that will be deducted or added before even committing the transaction.
> Items with price bonuses will have their bonus on prices shown.
> All button available when buying or selling. Click on the ‘*’ button to automatically fill the quantity to buy or sell with the max quantity.
> Market taxes on buying set to 25% (previously 10%).

On Cooperatives
> Sponsored players will no longer become Cooperative members of the sponsor. However, sponsorship SFP bonus is maintained.
> Previously sponsored players are no longer in a Cooperative. They will have to manually join the sponsor’s cooperative.
> The Cooperative is now a separate entity. Please read the manual for detailed information (Cooperative chapter).

> Added 500 storage capacity for the basic Silo.
> In game messenger will no longer show when there are no new messages.
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Re: UPDATE 1.0 Test Server

Postby Moshu-X » Fri Sep 18, 2009 11:18 am

Here is a 4th part with a few graphic and layout changes.

> The ingame menu has some extra buttons (Cooperative, Exchange, Bug Report, Rankings, Forum).
> The Options screen has extra elements to configure (game screen size, on/off weather effects and zoom level).
> The Challenge screen shows either the trophies or the challenges, not both at the same time.
> Font size on most part of the game has been increased for better visibility on small game screen size.
> Pree the Spacebar and the farm will be centered on your farm house.
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