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UPDATE 1.3 Test Server

Postby Moshu-X » Fri May 14, 2010 10:43 pm

Howdy farmers. These are the future updates on the test server for the coming week. Happy reading ;)

On Accomplishments
-Accomplishing Workshop accomplishments from Amateur level onwards will reward you with a Mystery Recipe for your workshop. If you receive one, go to the Inventory>Special category to open the mystery package and earn a random recipe for your workshop, you might get the same recipe twice.

On Workshops
-Mission items and farm made items are now flagged so you will no longer accidentally use them in your workshops.
-The latest recipes used will be displayed on the top of the list of recipes whenever you return to your workshop.
-Some workshops have new recipes, notably the Winery and the Organic Workshop. There are some extra Meat recipes (using fish) and a few more milled products.
-Port and Sherry are now made in the Winery.

On Missions
-Mission start and end dates are a bit more reasonable for higher level farms.
-Easier missions should be available for all levels.
-A Co-op member’s current accepted missions are now viewable through his Co-op member page.

On Sponsoring
-Sponsoring new players is not only good for the game it’s good for your farm. Every time a sponsored player gains a farm level, the sponsor will gain SFP and maybe a Mystery Recipe package.

-The use of SFP is now in-game. Purchasing SFP is still through a different window.
-An Advanced Workshop option is available through the use of SFP. While browsing your recipes in your workshops you will be able to see the resale value including market bonuses, value of ingredients, value per endurance and other information. A Quick Buy function is included.
-Extra Mission option is also available through SFP. You will get up to 3 new missions per day to choose.
-Advanced Workshop and Extra Mission will last 15 days after their activation.
-Mystery Recipe packages could be purchased through SFP too.

On Market
-While browsing recipes, you could now select an ingredient in the drop down menu too see the corresponding recipes for the selected ingredient.

On Challenges
-Some challenges will now grant other Workshop recipes other than the Cooked Food recipes.
-2 new challenges are available: 1st and 2nd biannual Sponsoring challenge. Winning the challenges will grant SFP instead of money.
-Scoring for some challenges have been modified to have a wider range of scores.
-Challenge results in the ranking page is now separated into levels (Beginner, Amateur,…).
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