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Postby Moshu-X » Sun Mar 07, 2010 10:09 am

On Accomplishments
-Gaining a farm level is no longer automatic. To gain a new farm level, you still have to gain fame but you will have to earn some accomplishments. Please check the chapter Farm Level in the Manual for further details. Access your Accomplishments through the in-game main menu.
-At Semipro Farm level, you will have to build a house extension on a new land to be able to obtain extra employees.
-Trophies from challenges, hunting, fishing etc… are now in the Accomplishments interface and no longer in the Challenges.

On Livestock
-Medicating animals will remove 15% of quality instead of 25%.
-Vaccinating or medicating no longer replaces the resistance bonuses coming from feed.

On Crops
-Crops with more than 10% of loss will yield some Organic Waste upon harvest.
-Corrected a bug where crop growth was not optimal when a growth bonus is applied.

On Workshops
-Some basic baking recipes were using cereals instead of flour, this has been corrected.

On Employees
-You can no longer hire and then fire an employee during the same turn.

On Inventory
-Products of the same type, quality and non- maturing could now be mixed or group together. The final freshness will be the least of the products selected. To mix the products, open up your Inventory interface, and click on a first product, then a second product to mix them.
-Endurance from food and mission items is now showing properly.

On Infections
-Contagion rate and Cure resistance of pests, fungus, parasites and sickness is now of the same value. This is to insure that an infection will not come back after curing it.
-Pesticides, fungicides, vaccination, organic feed and livestock medication had their resistance bonuses increased.
-Infections rate on your farms have been reduced.
-Extreme cold will stop pests and parasites to attack.
-Infections on empty land, buildings or empty livestock buildings will disappear within a turn.

On Market
-To be able to do Co-op exchanges, you will have to have an Amateur Farm Level instead of just having 25 in Fame.
-On the Co-op list, co-ops which are open for recruiting will be in green.
-Highlights on market items.

On Challenges
-Full results are now shown in the ranking when Challenges are finished.
-Wool challenges score requirements have been reduced.
-Summer, Winter, Spring and Autumn Farmer Awards had their descriptions changed. Workshops should not score points for these challenges.
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