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Re: Newb Diary

Postby Darcoria » Mon Apr 30, 2018 2:08 pm

Trying to not let there be too much time in between the entries.
This is mostly going to be me talking about what I’ve done and am thinking about. Most ideas are based on things I’ve read in other dairy’s/Player guides. Because there’s no better way to learn than see how others do! :geek:

I’ve wanted to make my farm a little bit more neat and I had some money, so the animals and prune-ables will all be put together instead of spread over the land. While I’m add it, I will replace some of the animals with their “specialized” breed. The organic workshop is going to be placed by the Brewery. In the place where it stood I put meat Chickens. Still have my normal chickens for eggs and meat until the other’s quality is better. Once the chickens quality is up, the normal ones will be replaced by Dairy Cows. The horses will go where currently the hops are located.
I’ve placed a Black Grape, Chile and Cayenne pepper in the corner where I want to put my prune-ables. There I will start growing another hop and apple tree later on.

1st may 130.png
Current farm
1st may 130.png (177.57 KiB) Viewed 3594 times

Current Crops (1st may 130)
Surprisingly enough, for the amount I’m struggling to empty the silo I don’t have a lot of permanent crops.
1x Apple Tree 1x Pumpkin 1x Blackberry 1x Raspberry 1x Walnut 1x Hops 1x Black Grape 1x Cayenne pepper 1x Chili pepper
Save for the Hops, Black Grape and peppers almost all perm plants are used regularly in the bakery.
For feed I’m growing 2 of each fast growth grain needed for Optimum feed. On the side I’m growing:
1x Potato 1x Garlic 1x Ginger 1x Onion 1x Lentil 1x Peanuts 1x Cress
Mostly to try new recipes out: Vodka, Basic Crop protection, Sausages, Corn Organic Feed and Peanut Butter Cake. Once the first harvest are in. I’m going to plant Snow Pea, Chard and Radish.

Since I want to make a corner with prune-ables, I’ve thought about getting some bees to go with them. I’m not a fan of the greenhouses and the bonus the bees give is slightly better than the basic greenhouses. (Or so someone said when I was researching).
Problem with the bees is that getting them above 5* with the basic ones is impossible. The golden Bees (need Veteran achiev) combined with the q+2 upgrade should be able to reach 7* for a couple of days. So I could get some nice sweet honey to work with, just not at a very high * and the high * ones not a lot.
With the low * honey however I could make Herbal Metheglin right now I sell the low * herbs and spices, so I instead of selling them, I could use them in the brewery, which earns me more.
Some research about Harness has brought to my attention that to utilize the work horses Advanced productivity feed can be used instead of Optimum feed. The quality will go down, but the produc. feed has a higher bonus. Plus adv. Prodc. is easier to make and I have the horses just for the harness..
Long time ago I had planned on putting the chickens on Growth feed but in the end didn’t do it due to them not being able to get above 5*. I’m going to try it again again to get meat faster from the animals that aren’t 5*+ yet. Also made me realize I plan for more animals than I tend to own.
While planning a prune-able corner, I’ve thought about getting an Almond tree. Meaning more nuts, more cake/cookies (almond cake, Honey Bars) and Amaretto! Which could goes back into more cakes. Would also require apricot.
That reminds me that I probably should try to be more active with recipe trading in the CO-OP. Just to be on the safe side that I own the required recipes of things I like to make.
Lastly, I should probably invest some more into the upgrades of certain workshops. A couple I have past the basic “Amateur” equipment, but most are still stuck on Amateur. Problem is: Money. In a couple of turns taxes will be at the front door, demanding to be paid and while I will have enough to pay them. It will leave me with roughly 10k$ left, which isn’t a lot to upgrade workshops with.
Plus when I finish semi-pro achievement of the chicken meat I can do the quality upgrade (so 2 points each turn instead of 1) which is another 8K…

Once I've paid my taxes (circa 8 days) I will try to update again, see you next time?
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Postby Darcoria » Wed May 09, 2018 7:42 pm

Should I still call it Newbie, I've been playing for more than 800 turns, somehow...

General, (2nd July, Summer 130)
Paid taxes, still haven’t gotten a mission that I could complete by myself. Keep getting requests for Fabrics...
Gotten some money from the brewery, the products are a nice piggy bank. Too bad it isn't a lot unless I buy brandy to make advocaat. (which would earn me more than making the brandy myself, somehow)
Been making Italian Cheese Cake, Fruit cookies, Tarts and few ale breads. Had enough cereals to start working on the brewery accomplishment, already got a 2nd hop harvest turned into ale and beers.
Since getting the achievement I've been using the fast growth cereals and they're great! Have to be careful to not plant too many to prevent silo bursting. Most of the cereal harvest was able to come in before the really hot (30oC+) weather, instead of having 2 people watering it should be around 1. Meaning more goods get processed instead of laying in the silo.
I'm a bit scared about the Snowpea's, chards and radishes. I planted them a few turns ago, so obviously the temperature is too high atm, but I'm not sure if autumn will give them enough time. And if they go into winter they will drag on till halfway spring like the Garlic and Onion did last time, making the cereals slightly later. Most of the non-cereal crops I planted during spring are halfway or close to harvest. Maybe I should focus on the achievements to get the faster ones? :?

$$$$ $3640
- Pigs got a few size upgrades. Going to keep 2 females and 1 male adult for I hope stable rennet supply. They might need a few more.
- Harvesting all cereals resulted in too little storage space (21.000 wasn’t enough apparently) So I upgraded another one to lvl 4. Now I have 4 at 4 and 2 at 3.
- Added bees, placed thm by the walnuts. Will be a while till I will use them for their intended purpose, but once I add the beehive by the prune-ables I can just transfer some over. (Can a hive without queen and drone work?)
- Due to missions and other things I am getting a kitchen.
- Upgraded the Diary, Windmill and Bakery with freshness and endurance, they're far from being at max, but I'm lacking funds.

Somehow I always have my silo's at least half-full. I paid taxes and decided to clear out some stuff. After clearing:
Cereals 60,7%| Intermediates 8,7% | Fruit and Vegetables 5,2%| Feed 5%|Organics 4,6% | Herbs & Spices 2,3% | Brewery 1.2%| Hides 0,3%
The cereals will go for 80% to Feed, the rest, combined with Fruit and Veggies will go into the Bakery and Brewery. Herb & Spices will go into Brewery and Kitchen. Brewery is just playing the waiting game. Organics I should combine to get rid of some stuf. Intermediates is mostly yeast, salt and sugar.
There's a lot of stuf (like the hides and unused organics) that I should probably sell, guess I'm just afraid of finding out that someone could use it.

So in the cereal plot next to the walnut I've placed a beehive started with one of each, now it's almost filled with workers. I'm combining the honey with low * herbs for Herbal Methgelin. Since I had some low * yeast (for unknown reasons, guessing meat workshop, not sure). Once the yeast and low * herbs are gone I will either let it rot or sell it.
Next to the hops in the greenhouse I've placed an apricot tree for future Ameretto making (almonds will come next to the walnuts once the plot is empty)
Organic workshop is between the brewery and the silo, once the plot next to the windmill/meatworkshop is empty I will place the kitchen there. For the mission I have (somehow) almost everything needed, will be required to buy the freshness upgrade on the kitchen, but it should work out. I hope...
I've also been actively breeding again with all animals, it was at standstill for a while, but getting the meat chickens made me realize I need to hit semi-pro to get the +1 quality a turn. And the Semi-pro achievements aren't something to sneeze at. I am slightly terrified about the professional, master and grandmaster achievements, but then again, the chance of me hitting that is very low. Most fame comes from missions and I am barely able to accept any as it is.

Well, till next time!
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Re: Diary

Postby Darcoria » Tue May 15, 2018 9:23 pm

Temperatures where around 30 degrees, no problem as some of the crops I was growing preferred it. Then today 17. It’s almost real life, last week about to drop dead from the heat and now we’re back to wearing coats. But yeah, was able to harvest the last summer crops (I think at least). It's been a hot but wet summer instead of dry and warm as I'm somehow used to.
Finished the beginner honey and veteran bakery accomplishment. Surprised the semi-pro one is 4 ingredients and 4*. I had expected it to be 5 ingredients.
And at least I'm making some progress on the animals, the meat chickens are almost at qlt 20, the weather is getting worse so I will be putting them inside, but at least it won't be a total waste to give them some of the organic feeds I've been making, so I'm relatively happy! Now if the radishes came in I could say the same about the pigs, as I can't give those that feed, I want them to get up to 6*.

Only of the fall/winter veggies are left. The ones I planted in spring are at 50-60%. The ones I planted a few turns ago are at 7% max. Even the almond that I planted 2 turns ago is doing better. The wheat that I had planted extra for baking will probably not be ready in time. Still no worry as about 59% of my silo’s still filled with cereals, of which about 19% isn’t destined to go to feed.

Next crop year I might try to plant a few colder vegetables earlier to work on the achievement to get the fast-growth ones. The cereals where to be harvested in rougly 12-15 turns. If the veggies could come in within 24 I would be very happy. Not sure how long they take atm, but I know one is growing at least 20 turns, I planted it late march and august is almost over now. :?
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Re: Diary

Postby Darcoria » Sat Jun 02, 2018 10:36 pm

Survived the summer without too many incidents, only the cow’s went down to 5* due to vaccines and sickness. The amount of cereals that had been planted might be too little. Will have enough feed for this winter and spring, but by summertime the new feed should be made.
And due to my excitement of trying some different veggies out I wasn’t able to plant extra wheat for baking, so Emeralda will have to be content with milling some leftover produce and working with the organics.
The piggies have been doing their work, I’ve decided to keep 2 female and 1 male and so far the rennet supply has been pretty stable. The quality might be low, but for it’s serving it’s purpose. Once the first hard cheese is ready some Bacon Roll’s can be made! Have to say I’m quite excited for it.
Also made quite some progress with the kitchen and brewery. Was able to try some recipes and due to a mission found a recipe that is easily made.

Amateur Honey —————————————- 20/50 (waiting till spring)
Experienced Fruiting/flower- 1.454/1.500 (missed the pruning opportunity)
Experienced oil ———————————— 2.789/3.000
Experienced Pig meat ——————- 239/875
Experienced Brewed ————————— 600/1.500 (once bees are higher *)
Experienced organics ——————— 946/1.500 (This one is going to take forever)

Veteran podded ————————————- 0/4.650
Veteran fruit shrub ———————- 2.658/4.650
Veteran fruit tree ————————— 1.094/2.000

Semi-pro chicken meat —————— 3.299/3.500 (9 chickens for +2qlt upgrade!)
Semi-pro Cow Milk —————————- 7.167/7.500 (around 9 turns)
Semi-pro milled ———————————— 9.198/20.000
Semi-pro feed making(4ing)-— 4.135/10.000 (make 600-900 a game year, so 8 years left)
Semi-pro dairy (3ing)——————— 649/10.000 (due to pigs finally progress)
Semi-pro baked (4ing) —————— 111/10.000 (lower due to cheese making)
Semi-pro tuber, bulb, stem - 332/8000 (want this for fast growth kitchen ing)

All in all, some progress. Mostly excited about the 2qlt upgrade for the meat chickens, since then getting them up won’t take as long and then I can go and put the dairy cows at the spot the chickens! Hopefully I will be able to get more than enough milk then.

Realized I made quite some mistakes earlier this game year. Going to summerize them here, so that hopefully it won’t happen again.
Maturing times/temperatures for crop growth due to this I have 3-4 plots that will have to mature trough spring. Need to make sure to prevent this from happening again.
Feed and it’s shelf life made enough feed for all the animals, but then it started getting moldy. Which made me realize that when calculating how much I needed I didn’t take into account the shelf life.
Crops go into multiple workshops this should be obvious, but apparently my brain forgot about it. Accidentally used some cereals to make Ale’s when I needed them for other things. To prevent this from happening again I’m keeping track of what to make with most inventory stuff. Makes it much easier to remember, especially when it’s spread over multiple days like during summer time.
Vaccinate animals on time the cows got sick and from there it went downhill. Of course that made me realize I should vaccinate all animals. Yet I forgot the meat chickens and bees, so those got a hit to their quality.
Mission crops are evil it’s like the game knows that you need them and makes the grow extra slow. Or they’re about to expire a day before you need to process them for a mission.
Or maybe, which is quite possible, I’m just doing something wrong… It wouldn’t surprise me to be completely honest. :lol:
Anyways, till next time~
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