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wish list

Postby chickenbroth » Fri Aug 31, 2018 2:30 pm

Due to the decimation of the players in the game, I believe it is now unreasanble to be ask to meet the proffesional player amounts to be able to build a Reasturant. I think it would benifit the game if farmers were allowed to build the restuarant in the valley and on the mountain without further requirements. This will help you with SFP and allow the farmers to move forward on thier farms.

Quick key:
Having a key to press to show the pest and fungal resitance levels on all the crops at the same time would be useful. Possibly temporarily hiding the fertilze and water icons when showing the resistance levels so the screen is not to cluttered would be a good idea.

The weather has been very unrealistic for many game years. We are getting extremly bad weather 4 or 5 days in a row and sometimes twice a year. It doesn't hurt the larger farms, but I can only imagine the disapointment the beginer farmers experiance.I am sure many new players have quit because of this. If the weather can not be tweaked to be more realistic then maybe a way could be devised to have less effect on new players.

Allow the endurance level to go over 1000. This will let employees eat their 3 meals all at once speeding up the process. Also, occasionaly I accidently hit the quick button for eating and I waste a lot of endurance because the total will not go over a 1000.

Food Refinery recipes:
Add Food Bacteria and Yeast to the standard recipes in the Food Refinery. I suggest using Molasse as the base ingredient in one or both of the new recipes. Molasse is very hard to get rid of when making useful amounts of sugar.

New players:
Make it possible to change the appearance of the farm. Things like painting the buildings and adding a new roof design etc. Have everything availble with SFP, but, also have a free bucket of paint or something else show up on the farm once in a while.
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