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Postby david1354 » Sat Jan 04, 2014 8:50 pm

I may be missing something, but, the irrigation upgrade seems to be useless. I spent $16,000,000 dollars and I still have to worry about watering when the sun shines. As a Beginner I already had irrigation anyway. Whenever the humidity level was too low I was allowed to "irrigate" using the endurance of myself and employees. I just assumed that after spending $16,000,000 dollars I would have an "automatic" watering system. By my math, I have only saved a maximum of 960 enduro per sunny day. I think that a Tile + Watermill + Advance irrigation = 100% humidity is not an unreasonable formula. This can only be accomplished after a player reaches Professional , so, basic farming skills would already have been ingrained into the gaming experience and an automatic watering system would allow us to move on to other things.
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